No Internet connection makes TBBle something something

I’m sorry, due to my ADSL connection at home having spontaneously died, I’ve been unable to update the site.
So in the meantime, here’s a joke to pass the time: ^_^

A frog walks up to the inquries station of a bank branch, and asks about taking out a loan. He is directed to John Paddiwhack, the loan assessor.

Once seated at John’s desk, he says “I’m not a customer of this bank, but I’d like to take a $10 000 loan please”. John replies “I dunno, we don’t usually give loans to random frogs off the street.”

“I understand” replies the frog, “but I’m not just some random frog. My name’s Kermit Jagger, and I’m the son of Mick Jagger.”

“I’m not sure about this, but… well, we’d need some collateral. Being of a famous family, surely that’s not a problem?”

“Of course, I understand. I’ve got this,”, says Kermit, withdrawing a porcelin elephant from his pocket, “will it do?”

“Hmm. I think I’ll have to see the manager about this….” says John, looking a little flustered, picking up the porcelin elephant and heading to the manager’s office….

In the manager’s office: “Mr Williams, I’ve got this frog in my office. He claims to be Mick Jagger’s son, and wants to borrow $10 000 with barely anything as security. I mean, I asked him for collateral, but he gave me this… this… I don’t even know how to describe it…”

The bank manager replies, “It’s a knick-knack, Paddiwhack. Give the frog a loan. His old man’s a rolling stone.”


Drunken regrets

Urgh. Drank a lot last night. The last thing I remember was two tequila shots in a row… And then I woke up in my own bed, with my pants on, but no shirt.

I apparently threw up in a friend’s car, and my car is still there. >_<

On the plus side, I successfully tested the MSN Voice chat stuff live on the Internet. Well, the other person could hear me, but didn’t have a microphone. And it doesn’t work though NAT. I have to work out if the MSN Messenger client can do voice chat over NAT, and if so, how.

Urgh, I feel awful. And I still have two assignments to type up.

A stunning victory in the battle of TBBle VS procrastination

Once again, instead of doing my very overdue linguistics homework, or even showing up on #pgsm and #solarmiracle to help distribute today’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, I hacked away more at CenterICQ.

And lo and behold, it can now negotiate an audio conversation with MSN Messenger 6.2. A quick compile of linphone later (quick being relative. >_<) and I could hear my voice coming out of the speakers on the server a half-second after speaking into the microphone on Shane’s laptop.


Anyway, I prolly should go see what the #pgsm people are up to. Or I could eat breakfast…

Or put breakfast on, and while that’s cooking, clean up the patch to deal with actually checking if the user _wants_ to have a voicechat before accepting the offer. And also allowing CenterICQ to cancel the chat when it’s done.

Just when you thought it was safe to abandon your calculators…

“The Australian Idol top 12 is an exclusive club. Only six singers have made it in.” — Australian Idol commercial.

You’d think at first glance, proscriptive grammar would be hard, ’cause that involves telling right from wrong, and such judgements are not simple.

On the other hand, descriptive linguistics seems simple, since all that involves is recording what people are saying and how it hangs together…. Except that everyone time someone opens their mouth, that’s more work.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way. ^_^

CenterICQ, the excitement continues

Well, after my successful work a few weeks ago to make CenterICQ not disconnect every time an MSN message was received (much to Shane’s amusement, he would send me denial-of-service attacks every chance he got), I’ve not fixed (partially) the other problem, of not being able to add MSN users to CenterICQ such that the MSN Messenger servers would tell me if they were online or not.

So a reasonably successfuly afternoon. Now I’m hammering away at libmsn’s external application support, for webcams and other such things… That’s harder, but I think it’ll work out. First cut will just reject all requests, but that’ll be an improvement over what we have now. ^_^

Flu, cars and kangaroos.

A kangaroo hit me on the way home today.

For those not familiar with Australian fauna, this is very different from hitting a kangaroo. When one hits a kangaroo, one’s grill gets compressed, and if you’re lucky, the kangaroo dies. If you’re unlucky, the kangaroo gets angry. >_<

On the other hand, tonight the kangaroo hit me. This means it hit the side of the car, then got up and hopped off the road (in the direction it was headed) before the next car got there. (At 60km/h and heavy traffic, this is under two seconds by my count.) It knocked my passenger side wing mirror at a weird angle (but very convinient for parallel parking) but hit the car exactly where I hit the pole in a parking lot, so I couldn’t see any other effect in the dark.

I had a near miss the other day with a kangaroo at 100 km/h.

All this, and I’m down with the flu too. >_<