今日の思う事: 2004年 8月 6日

Good News
Watched two PGSM episodes (Act 41 and Act 42) at long last
Bad News
Dropped two uni courses (Structure of English and Second Language Acquisition) to allow me to focus on Phonetics, Syntactic Structures, and my all-too-big TODO list
Something New
The use of まさか in a non-question sentence. (Also from PGSM ^_^)

Man, it’s good to catch up on PGSM. Especially over greasy Oporto’s chicken.

I would definately like to have children like Usagi… Or to be more specific, I’d like to have lots of wild monkey-sex with Ikuko-mama. Whether children like Usagi come of it, I’m happy either way.

Act.41 and Act.42 possible spoilers inside the spoiler thingy:

Geez, we finally get the Makoto/Motoki plot half-going… Things start to get good, she transforms in front of him, and he drops the ball. Motoki, you アホ! Perfect moment to reassure her, tell her it’s a wonderful thing, and you just stand there with your mouth open. Admittedly, I can understand, I’d prolly stand there with my mouth open if I saw Makoto turn into Sailor Jupiter. But I’d stand there even if she wasn’t tranforming so much as just being in such proximity. I’d dopey like that but, Motoki, I expected so much better from you. o_o;

Still, at least I know which part I’d want to play if I was in PGSM. Motoki, obviously. Especially the kissing scenes. (What kissing scenes? Lemme just say, if I got that close to Motoko, I’d… adlip.)

And then there’s the issue of The Lunar Looney (AKA Princess Sailor Moon). She’s as evil on the inside as Mio looks on the outside. I mean, at least Berryl’s doing it for a man (and maybe incredible power, but we all have our vices). The Lunar Looney just likes to make things explode.

I realise that paragraph’s not at all fair, but it’s my weblog. Naah!

Oh, and Motoki attacking the Nazghuul, that had me in fits of giggles, almost as badly as “Nephkichi”. Shame Motoki dropped the ball later on. >_<

It’s a shame I had to drop those courses. They both looked very interesting, and I may try and take them during my honours year or something. However, between my ACTEWAgl work, my TransACT work (mentioned earlier) and general laziness, I’m better off concentrating on less. No Centrelink since I’m now a part-time student again, but I should be able to turn over enough to make ends meet.


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