今日の思う事: 2004年 8月 7日

Good news
PGSM Act.43 came out.
Bad news
Slept in, and missed my personal Iaido/Jodo time. And next week if I make it, I have to share the dojo with a Kendo team full of enthusiasm after today’s competition.
Something new
Sometimes, if you ignore a bug, it _does_ go away by itself.

Another Saturday morning, so another episode of PGSM. Even though we’re all terrified of what will happen after Act. 50, it’s taken nothing from the atmosphere of anticipation and jubliation on Saturday mornings on IRC.

And since I missed the dojo booking this morning, and haven’t had my gi pants repaired and couldn’t train in Jujutsu this afternoon, I spent the entire day on IRC having fun.

It was supposed to be my first Iaido and Jodo training in more than twelve months. And my first self-directed one in two years. Instead, I read Damia (by Anne McCaffery) until some stupid hour of the morning. >_< On the plus side, it’s a good book. ^_^

The other thing I played with today was my work on pulling apart the source code for WinNY that I found on the Internet once. It looks like it’s been decompiled from an unpacked executable, and large chunks are missing. The missing stuff is largely the interface support code, but half the software (including much of the network protocol) is done using Winsock callbacks, so I can only decode the first few messages (up to the first rekeying) of a conversation.

On the other hand, the file formats are quickly revealing their secrets to me now. I can now decode a nodelist into the node addresses, and pullall the metadata from a cache file. I actually had most of that already working, but the data I had was giving bad results. So I fired up the English-localised WinNY on my housemate’s laptop, which is based on the same version as the source code I had, and found that its cache files would decode fine. So I used them to complete the meta-data extracting code, and apart from the MD5 verification failing, it was good. Then I pointed it at the earlier data from a later version of WinNY, and instead of getting the ‘bad key’ I was getting before, I got output. O_O!! Anyway, I don’t know what was wrong with the old code. It’s gone now.

Oh, and in perl, $value & 0xffff doesn’t seem to do what a C programmer like myself expects. Happily, $value % 0x10000 does the job. ^_^


5 Responses to “今日の思う事: 2004年 8月 7日”

  1. 1 dffisanangel
    2005年 3月 21日 at 9:20 pm

    I find this blog on Google and I am very interested with Winny, especially its P2PBBS.
    I wish you could send me a copy of the source code of winny, if possible, that I could research it.
    My Email address is dffisanangel@hotmail.com.
    If the source code is larger than 2M, please send it to another Emailbox:
    If you will not send me the code, please ignore this letter!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. 2005年 4月 13日 at 11:43 pm

    You should be able to find it poking around the ‘net… Although I can’t for the life of me remember how I found it. It mainly involved visiting various Winny sites (start from http://winny.info/links.html ^_^)

    Keep in mind though, the P2P BBS is how the Japanese police arrested people. The anoymiser function doesn’t protect the IP address of a thread starter, so they just watched threads until someone started a thread and said “I’ve got [illegal product]!” and then firewall every IP but that one, and downloaded said item. They arrested two guys that way, and then the author, thanks to some interesting permutations of Japanese laws on responsibility.

  3. 3 Julian
    2005年 4月 20日 at 9:17 am

    This is Julian from Miami Beach, Florida

    I am interested in winny. Actually I am interested in improving it.

    I get the source code online, but it seems like a reverse engineering one.

    Do you know winny internal protocol?



  4. 4 Julian
    2005年 4月 20日 at 9:18 am

    This is Julian from Miami Beach, Florida

    I am interested in winny. Actually I am interested in improving it.

    I get the source code online, but it seems like a reverse engineering one.

    Do you know winny internal protocol?

    email me back julian@bearshare.com



  5. 2005年 4月 26日 at 11:36 am

    I don’t know the WinNY internal protocol, yet. I’ve got probably the same reverse-compiled (if it was reverse-engineered it’d actually be readable rather than full of magic functions) source, and that’s what I’m working with.

    I’ve gotten as far as key negotiation. One of these days, I’m gonna document what I have, and start playing with a personal WinNY network. Prolly gonna move house first though.

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