今日の思う事: 2004年 8月 8日

Good news
I bought Damia’s Children, despite having 100 pages of Damia still to go.
Bad news
Despite my usual best intentions, I failed to do the washing up, or any of my much-delayed university work this weekend.
Something new
“Time flies when you’re having fun” apparently also applies to going into the office on the weekend.

Even though I’ve prolly got too much to read already, I still bought myself another novel while I was in Tuggeranong on the way to work. On Friday I bought Musashi (only because it was $35, such a bargain! ^_^) but it looks a little thick to be carried around in my backpack at university. It’s 2:30am now, I’ve got to hang out the washing before I go to bed, and I have to be at class at 11am in the morning. Despite all this, I will still probably finish Damia tonight when I go to bed. Anne McCaffery just writes these books where the first 200-odd pages are building up characters, surrounds and suchlike, and all of a sudden you hit the last 100 pages and things start happening and you can’t stop reading. And of course, the disappointment that hits you when you finish the book can only allayed by the knowledge there’s still another four in the series.

I have a strong suspicion that this is how many science-fiction and fantasy writers work. Certainly others I read (eg. Elizabeth Moon having recently established herself withing my bookshelf with Trading in Danger and the Serrano Legacy series) do the same thing. On the other hand, Douglas Adams only did that in Life, The Universe And Everything, in the Hitchhiker’s Trilogy. Then again, Douglas Adams got around the problem science fiction authors all suffered of having the Earth as an easy familiar backdrop by blowing it up in the first few minutes of the series, forever changing the landscape (I’m in a punny mood today) of Science-Fiction Humour. A trick Red Dwarf repeated many years later with equal success. Another author who doesn’t do it (or at least not always) is Raymond E. Fiest. The Magician series tended to be two-thirds build-up, one third uninterruptable action (although they were twice as thick as an Anne McCaffery novel) but the Empire series (co-written with… who? Have to check that later.) tended towards each chapter or two having a mini-climax. This has the added disadvantage that I end up reading cover to cover in one sitting. This is not good for my sleeping patterns. >_<

I slept in (having read, obviously ^_^) and jumped out of bed at about 1:30pm. I threw my washing in the washing machine, stuff happened, and got to work at 4pm, confidently expecting to be done by 6pm. Label printing, Windows CE .net wrestling with, and a quick chat to the security guard (who has read Damia and highly recommends the series. ^_^) and it’s 10pm, and I’m hungry again. My housemate called me just at this time wanting me to bring him food on the way home, so I bought lots of food (meat for barbecueing the entire week, in fact. ^_^) and some McDonalds.

Now all I have to do is hang out the washing, read for a while, and go to bed, and only the washing up will be there to terrify me in the morning. >_<


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