Flu, cars and kangaroos.

A kangaroo hit me on the way home today.

For those not familiar with Australian fauna, this is very different from hitting a kangaroo. When one hits a kangaroo, one’s grill gets compressed, and if you’re lucky, the kangaroo dies. If you’re unlucky, the kangaroo gets angry. >_<

On the other hand, tonight the kangaroo hit me. This means it hit the side of the car, then got up and hopped off the road (in the direction it was headed) before the next car got there. (At 60km/h and heavy traffic, this is under two seconds by my count.) It knocked my passenger side wing mirror at a weird angle (but very convinient for parallel parking) but hit the car exactly where I hit the pole in a parking lot, so I couldn’t see any other effect in the dark.

I had a near miss the other day with a kangaroo at 100 km/h.

All this, and I’m down with the flu too. >_<

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