No Internet connection makes TBBle something something

I’m sorry, due to my ADSL connection at home having spontaneously died, I’ve been unable to update the site.
So in the meantime, here’s a joke to pass the time: ^_^

A frog walks up to the inquries station of a bank branch, and asks about taking out a loan. He is directed to John Paddiwhack, the loan assessor.

Once seated at John’s desk, he says “I’m not a customer of this bank, but I’d like to take a $10 000 loan please”. John replies “I dunno, we don’t usually give loans to random frogs off the street.”

“I understand” replies the frog, “but I’m not just some random frog. My name’s Kermit Jagger, and I’m the son of Mick Jagger.”

“I’m not sure about this, but… well, we’d need some collateral. Being of a famous family, surely that’s not a problem?”

“Of course, I understand. I’ve got this,”, says Kermit, withdrawing a porcelin elephant from his pocket, “will it do?”

“Hmm. I think I’ll have to see the manager about this….” says John, looking a little flustered, picking up the porcelin elephant and heading to the manager’s office….

In the manager’s office: “Mr Williams, I’ve got this frog in my office. He claims to be Mick Jagger’s son, and wants to borrow $10 000 with barely anything as security. I mean, I asked him for collateral, but he gave me this… this… I don’t even know how to describe it…”

The bank manager replies, “It’s a knick-knack, Paddiwhack. Give the frog a loan. His old man’s a rolling stone.”

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