Australian Politics 101

Just when Australian politics couldn’t get any more confusing…

Yesterday, the federal progressive party (the Labour Party) campaigning on Health issues lost to the federal conservative parth (the Liberal Party) campaigning on law and order. Strange as that is, it’s normal.

Now the ACT’s local conservative (Liberals) opposition is campaigning against the progressive (Labour) government for next weekend’s electoin, promising to move money from law and order projects (a new gaol) into health care and hospitals.

I might go move somewhere where the politicians remember which side of politics they’re on, and where the party names make sense… ^_^


The Howard Miracle continues

Arrgh. >_<

People who’ve held still in front of me long enough, will have heard my idea that, although individual persons can be quite clever, people tend to be stupid. The larger the group, the stupider they act.

This principle seems to have elected John Howard as Prime Minister of Australia again. He managed to claim during the election campaign that Peter Costello was responsible for Australia’s good economic position, but that Mark Latham would single-handedly drive Australia into the ground financially, and at the same time insult the intelligence of every Australian who can do simple arithmatic.

For those whose arithmatic isn’t so good, 12 is less than 17, so the last labout Prime Minister reduced interest rates by 5% in one term. In three successive terms, John Howard’s governments were only able to drop it 6%. This last point isn’t really comparable, I expect, since a drop from 17% to 12% while the whole world is recovering from a recession isn’t hard, while 12% to 6% over three years while other economies are suffering is not easy. But hey, if everyone else can insult the intelligence of the public, why can’t I?

Webhosting made difficult

You’d think Apache’s mass domain support would make it easy to host a group of websites, some of which are owned by various different groups.

For example, I’d expect such support to work in the following style:

VirtualHost *:80

<VirtualHost *:80>
# Blah here... DAV support or something...

<MassVirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /var/www/%2-/%1
# or even "DocumentRoot /var/www/*/%2-/%1" if I could be so lucky....
ServerAdmin webmaster@%2-
php_admin_value open_basedir /var/www/%2-/
ErrorLog /var/log/apache/%2/%0_error.log
CustomLog /var/log/apache/%2/%0_access.log

Which is to say, a MassVirtualHost tag which interpolates the requested Host into its arguments, and if DocumentRoot comes out sensibly, returns it. It’d have to come at the end, since Apache takes the first VirtualHost hit it matches, and obviously MassVirtualHost will match anything… (Unless you also allow some syntax for denying??? Oooh, there’s a thought)

OK, I realise Apache 1 doesn’t do this, but I’d have thought by the time they developed Apache2, someone would have noticed this deficiency….

Anyway, the Apache (both 1 and 2!!!) mass virtual domain support lets you interpolate two values… DocumentRoot and ScriptAlias. I mean, really! You can’t even make ServerAdmin default to something sensible… Actually I suspect it does anyway, as long as by sensible I mean webmaster@host….

I wonder if now’s a good time to look at the Apache2 source, and see if it’s even possible to get something like this implemented…

Or maybe over Christmas?