Thursday October 14th 2004

Very late brunch: Combo Large from Sizzle Bento + random sushitrain stuff + Raspberry Crush from Boost Juice + Wheatgrass shot.

Saw Dr Turtle today, got my vital statistics measured:
134kg, 41 BMI.
133cm Waist
133cm Hips

Dinner: Another of those blocks of chocolate… Yeah, I know. But I’m out of food that I can be bothered cooking.

Breakfast tomorrow is courtesy of Joeseph Maatouk, and lunch will be in Civic or Braddon, and dinner… I dunno, but going shopping tomorrow night, so there’ll be food a hoihoi. ^_^


1 Response to “Thursday October 14th 2004”

  1. 1 cheeky monkey
    2004年 10月 15日 at 8:46 pm

    my dinner tonight was cheese and crackers. My afternoon tea was ice-cream. For lunch i ate a fishfinger with mayonaise on a bun. I think i will eat some more ice-cream. oh, for breakfast i had a cup of coffee & a yogurt. i am thinking i should eat a piece of fruit but perhaps tomorrow.

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