A week of eating, on reflection

Friday 15th October 2004
I slept in, so breakfast was a piece of caramel slice and 300ml Diet coke from Joe’s cafe.
Lunch was jumbo Kingsley’s chips, breast fillet burger with chilli sauce, gravy sub and two croquettes + 600ml Diet Coke
Dinner was some lamb steaks or something
Saturday 16th October 2004
Lunch, I have no idea… The steaks from Friday may have been here instead
Dinner was Pizza and booze. ^_^
Sunday 17th October 2004
Again, no idea.
Monday 18th October 2004
Breakfast was Laksa w/out noodles
Dinner.. Forgotten again
Tuesday 19th October 2004
Breakfast was two subs from Subway
Dinner was Opporto’s and Sunkist and Diet Coke. (Also saw Donnie Darko Director’s Cut. That was good. ^_^)
Wednesday 20th October 2004
Breakfast was subs from the airport servo.
Dinner was Sizzle Bento. ^_^
Thursday 21st October 2004
Breakfast was subs frmo airport servo again
Dinner was two subs from Subway. Diet Coke a hoi hoi today.


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