ASP.Net turns out to be good.

I’ve been reading ASP.Net in a Nutshell for a project I might be involved in, and as it turns out, ASP.Net is actually looking like a really good system.

It appears to actually give the markup/content/code seperation I’ve tried to munge into PHP through (ab)use of the XSLT functions (as illustrated in the now-closed projects) which, although ultimately successful, took a lot of abusing to get right.

I haven’t written any ASP.Net code yet, but I have set up Mono‘s XSP on Keitarou so I can start developing as soon as I get some time. I might implement otaku/cko in it, for the CD library I no longer run for the ANU Anime Society… ^_^;

You didn’t think I’d let the wonders of ASP.Net make me install IIS at home, did you? Even _I_ have standards. ^_^

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