Not dead, just boring

I was out on the golf course this morning, for an early round. I was lining up for the twelth hole, par 3. I had the driver out, when I heard from the bushes ‘Ribit. Three wood. Ribit’. I’m still not sure why, but I grabbed my Three wood and lined up my shot.

I got a hole in one. I couldn’t believe it. Wondering about my mysterious benefactor, I went in the direction I’d heard the voice from (some rough near the water trap) and found a frog sitting there.

As soon as I’m in sight, the frog says ‘Ribit! Casino. Ribit!’. Not being one to look a gift frog in the mouth, I grabbed the frog and wandered into the casino. As I walked in the door, the frog said ‘Ribit. Roulette. Ribit’.

When I got to the casino table, the frog said ‘Ribit. Sixteen. Ribit’. I took my last $100, and put it on 16. I couldn’t believe it when 16 spun up. The frog said ‘Ribit. 28. Ribit.’, and I again took its advice.

Again, the frog was right! I was so shocked by my winnings, it didn’t seem that strange when the frog said ‘Ribit. Hotel room. Ribit’. So I went and rented a hotel room, and took the frog upstairs. When we got there, the frog said ‘Ribit. Kiss me. Ribit’. So I did.

And that, your honour, is why there was a 15 year old naked girl in my hotel room.

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