How to make a fool of yourself and influence people

I’m the Debian packager of FreeRADIUS, but I’m not a Debian Developer, so I can’t upload my own packages but must have a Debian Developer sponsor my package into the archive.

Steve Langasek was my initial sponsor, but as he is also a Debian release manager, he’s kinda busy so I found another person willing to sponsor my packages. This other person (lack of name will be explained shortly) did his first upload at the very end of December 2004, and I prepared my next upload yesterday.

However, a search of my email archives failed to reveal exactly who the new sponsor was. I’ve either lost the email, or sent it from a different email account (the power supply of that machine is currently in Terry’s computer until he gets a new one) so another method was needed.

I went onto IRC and asked on #debian-devel how I find out who sponsored a certain package into Debian. I was pointed in the right place, and happened to mention that the reason I was asking was that I’d lost my sponsor’s email.

I didn’t save the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of that being the most sadly pathetic thing the writer’d ever heard. I was very much “Aww… Hehe, but aww.”

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