Another exciting day at the races

Woke up, futzed around with the blog software a bit, had a piano lesson (I’ve started on When The Saints Go Marching In ^_^) and went home to eat lunch. Nor a particularly good lunch, either. Jam iced buns.

Futzed around on the computer more, preparing FreeRADIUS packages for upload, since I forgot to test them with lintian when I created them, but that’s not a huge issue since my sponsors both got back to me and said they’re busy until next week.

Went out to find food, taped two episodes of Rosemary and Thyme, and returned to find Shane had returned from his coast trip, and I wasn’t expecting him back until Sunday. Given I only found out about the trip on Thursday, and found out he was going on Friday, this lack of information shouldn’t have surprised me. ^_^ No one asked if I wanted to go though. >_<

Idled around on IRC for a while, got into a discussion of copyright and source, which ranged from Finland’s Lay Judge system, through to some direct personal abuse against me, something along the lines of (caps as per writer) “STOP THINKING LIKE A CALCULATOR AND FUCKING THINK FOR YOURSELF”. This lead to my first /ignore in many many years of Internet, and I guess I mainly did it to see what it was like. Since that person seemed to have ignored the rest of the conversation in terms of direction, intent, and atmosphere, I think it petered off a bit after that.

Still, I’m looking forward to next weekend’s IRC debate between the various Debian Project Leader candidates, lots of fun issues that’ve come up, and plenty of different approaches to them.

Since I had the big gap in this blog from mid-January, I still haven’t written anything about my Queensland trip, or… well, nothing else I did comes to mind. I bought World Of Warcraft a few weeks ago, but only had time to play it for a week so far. Apart from that, boring boring boring. If I could make time for something interesting, I’d blog about it. ^_^

Oh yeah, and I signed myself up as an AmazonJP affiliate, so I can put links to products there and if you click them, I get a percentage towards a gift voucher. ^_^ So if and when I talk about things from AmazonJP, I’ll put links. I’ve added a link to PGSM Vol.12 yesterday where I mentioned collecting it from DHL as a test.

2 thoughts on “Another exciting day at the races

  1. Erin says:

    Hey Paul – thought i’d give you a real comment – was gonna paste it on the one you wrote bout no comments, but thought you might miss it ;o)

    I will be honest and say all the ‘puter stuff jus goes riiiight over my head – tho i am actually quite interested in food diaries – I been a WWatcher for like 6 mths now…*tsk tsk tsk*

    erin >^..^

  2. LOL. Have you seen Little Britain (Wednesday nights on ABC, before The Glasshouse). It’s a parody/skit show, and Clare assures me that the Weight Watchers parody is spot-on. ^_^

    It won’t all be technical stuff, as soon as something interesting and non-technical happens, you’ll read it here first. ^_^

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