Machine Gun Fellatio Redux

Well, just saw Machine Gun Fellatio again. They still rock.

Sadly, the ticket was $5 cheaper. This is only bad because I blame the price difference on the second-rate (that’s unfair) support acts, Casual Projects and Recipie. They were both rap-type artists (cf. Butterfingers in my last visit to the world of MGF). Casual Projects at least rapped about Australian things (barbecues for example, and trying to meet women while drink), while Recipie seemed to think they were African-Americans rapping about… I dunno some rubbish. At least by end of Recipie, I’d tuned out the… speakers… and could enjoy the trombone and saxaphone for what they were worth. Anyway, I felt the support acts were kinda like people who’d enjoyed Jewel’s music but said “If only her poetry was less meaningful, repeated the same line more often, and was shouted instead of sung” and take this as the basis to form a band. It’s Rabekah’s fault I’m thinking of Jewel, as on Wednesday night (when I was at her and Julia’s place, and alcohol was again involved) she started trying to play “Sensitive” and I had a brain fart and started singing “Hands”. Today in the car on the way to the ANU I spontaneoously remembered the words to “Sensitive”. And so I had Jewel in my mind. Blah.

I was thinking,
That I might fly today.
Just to disprove
All the things that you say.

It doesn’t take a talent to be mean,
Your words can crush things that are unseen.
So please be careful with me,
I’m sensitive and I want to stay that way.

Three good singers tonight. Sadly, they were all in MGF (Pinky Beecroft, KK Juggy and “Beyonce”). Happily, MGF produced a hell of a show. Unlike last time, I was down in the front area (“Mosh pit?”) and people kept pushing me from behind. Being a man of reasonable stature and excessive girth, this meant I started MGF’s set about five or six people from the front, and finished two from the front. I also finish covered in feathers. Yes, that was part of the act.

Surprisingly, we didn’t get KK Juggy doing nude cartwheels. She _was_ wearing some kind of skin-coloured bodysuit, and there were boobies visible during some parts of the show. I vaugely remember that the ANU (for it was their bar in which the show was held) banned KK Juggy from doing nude cartwheels on stage. Instead, Love Shark (guitarist) was in his briefs by the second song, and had removed them by the second-last song. (Turns out he’s well sized, but circumcised, incase any of my readers wanted to know)

If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be “We’re all OK”.
Not to worry, ’cause worry is wasteful and useless in times like these.

Anyway, we got good songs (“What the fuck do I care”, “My ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s got a band” etc.) and had a good time. I was also very drunk, and then proceeded to eat too much from Dolly’s food van in the car on the way home. And then I decided to scare my friends (Julia, Sean and Rabekah) by being rather more honest with them than they probably wanted. Hence this blog entry, which happily leaves out the stuff I can’t repeat in public. Or at least more than I have.

You took your coat off and stood in the rain,
You were always crazy like that
I watched from my window,
always felt I was outside looking in on you
You were always the mysterious one
with dark eyes and careless hair,
You were fashionably sensitive, but too cool to care

(Thanks to Foolish Games for verifying my recollection of “Hands” and “Sensitive” and supplying everything but the first line of “Foolish Games”. ^_^ And Lyrics and Quotes from “moulin rouge” for the actual text of the start to “El Tango De Roxanne”. That site also has the poetry reading in the Elephant Room. “You don’t have to stand. I mean… It’s sometimes… it’s quite long. I.. I’d like you to be comfortable.”^_^)

(For reference, the below is only representative of my general state of mind. I’m not actually upset over a prostitute. -_-;;;)

Never fall in love with a woman who sells herself.
It always ends BAD!
We have a dance in the brothels of Buenos Aires.
It tells the story of a prostitute and a man who falls in love with her.

First there is desire then, passion!
Then, suspicion!

Jealousy, anger, betrayal!

When love is for the highest bidder, there can be no trust.
Without trust, there is no love!

Jealousy… Yes, jealousy…
will drive you, …will drive you… mad!


6 thoughts on “Machine Gun Fellatio Redux

  1. Hook says:

    i thought your post to be rather intriguing, maybe a little bit contradicting.

    I noticed you made some comments about Casual Projects lacking lyrical integrity or something like that….i was just interested on your thoughts of some of MGF’s meaningful numbers like, ‘motherfucker on a motorcycle, pussy town’ etc.

    the gig as a whole wasn’t quite as organised as other gigs have been. I heard MGF didnt pay their sound guy to work for the support bands and Casual Projects weren’t informed of this.
    Apart from that, MGF’s mixer for the stage sound was already set up for MGF and no alterations could be made for the support bands as well as there not being enough lines into the mixer. This means that some instruments and vocals of cas p had to go without any foldback at all..or much lack of. If you’ve tried hearing yourself with no foldback in an 8 Piece band, you’l know how hard it is to stay tight and in tune.

    One last thing. There are no cas p songs about getting drunk and hooking up with girls. they’re songs are meaningful and have a lot of lyrical integrity. They have songs about lost love opportunities, living the Australian life etc. More integrity than most hip hop acts.

    Your argument may have seemed more logical, or valid if you compared Casual Projects to a hip hop band, not a female solo artist in a completely different genre.

    No offence to you pernsonally, im just voicing my opinion as you did. Peace

  2. I didn’t have any problems with the tunes or sounds. (I’m not sure what a foldback amp is, sorry.) I _do_ prefer my lyrics sung over spoken, though.

    I think you may have confused my comments on Recipie’s songs with those of Casual Project’s. Certainly a reread indicates that I did so too. Anyway, what I was saying was that I was underwhelmed with the lyrical topics of Recipie, and much preferred those of Casual Project’s, based purely on topicality.

    Well, the problem for me to compare them to a hip-hop band is I don’t listen to any. (Well, apparently eminem’s hip-hop, and I’ve enjoyed his lighter songs. As I enjoyed Casual Project’s. I didn’t realise they were hiphop either, google has now corrected me.)

    I’m sorry you didn’t pick up from the rest of my blog that logical or valid arguements only feature in the posts marked ‘University’. ^_^ (If that.)

    And yes, the song was definately about getting drunk and meeting girls. That was the _lyric_. I quite liked that one, too. I don’t bother analysing lyrics beyond the surface, usually, because that’s not why I listen. (I have a blog for that. ^_^) If you’re upset because MGF’s “What the fuck do I care” isn’t meaningful, you’d prolly be better off at a John Butler Trio concert. (I saw him, he was too deep for me. Spectacular guitarist though. ^_^)

    Anyway, I think you’ve produced an affirmative defense to comments I didn’t make, and a comment I didn’t mean to make. You might want to tone back the righteous anger and defensive explanations. I had no problems with the sound, and wouldn’t have known they didn’t have a sound guy prepared, or enough lines into the mixer et. al. You obviously know both about these things, and were either there in person or know someone involved. I _do_ remember thinking when I rocked up that it was weird that it appeared to be half-set-up for MGF already.

    I do wish, when you found the post contradictory, you’d given me the benefit of the doubt, rather than assuming the worst of me. Expecially when the date/time of the post combined with the content indicated I was still rather drunk when posting.

    And a side-note, when I went looking for casual projects lyrics on google just now, I turned out to be 9th in google for “Casual Projects” and first for “Casual Projects” song lyrics. That latter one produced the following lovely piece of context:

    … Casual Projects at least rapped about Australian things (barbecues for example, and trying to … and the lyrics of the songs were basically inaudible. …

    which could possibly support your criticism was not the second part talking about The Spazzies (whom I also enjoyed a lot, and months later discovered are actually a well-known band). ^_^

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