New spamfiltering in place

Gah. That capcha wasn’t working very well (or at all) so I’ve instituted a different spamchecker, Spam Karma 2 which also involved a patch for a WordPress bug.

I also tried to install Subscribe To Comments 2 but it doesn’t play nice with PHP4.12 I guess.

As I write this, Dogtato has just been expelled into the backyard by Shane for peeing inside. (I call him Dogtato, Shane’s named him Capone, and his pedegree name is Sonny Bill. Other people have much ruder names for him, at least I can say it’s because his coat’s brown like a potato. I’m still looking for an opportunity to call Shane Mantato but I don’t think that’ll go down too well.)

Anyway, part of this process involved me clearing out the spam comments, and discovering people have been leaving me real comments. I had comments on WinNY, Mew, and Casual Projects. (Whom I enjoyed more than I seem to have said, but they’ve gone back down in my pile by being called Cas P, and apparently being hiphop.) Apparently I’m not supposed to prefer the lyrics of (early) Jewel to their lyrics. Or something. ^_^

On reflection, I might have marked them down a bit for having inaudible lyrics, but given my slight hardness of hearing for speech, my bar for lyrics is higher than usual.

Why am I harping so prosaic about Casual Projects? It’s nice to see a (non-anime) rabid fanboy (or girl), proving it’s not a phenomenon restricted to Japanese bishoujo/bishounen anime… And googling for ‘”casual projects” song lyrics’ returns me as the top hit, and I want to encourage anything that makes me the top google for something. ^_^

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