The Other Day’s Mew: 2005/04/12

・TODAY’S MEW(4/12)★桜とうとう散ってしまいました↓みなさんはお花見しましたか!?私はスッゴクしたかったんですけど、結局出来ず落ち込んでいます (>_<)でも来年こそは絶対にやります!満開の時に♪もう友達と約束してるので(y^^y)(笑)

★The Sakura finally finished falling.↓Did you go blossom-viewing!? I really wanted to but I’m sad that in the end I couldn’t. (>_<) but next year I will go for sure! I’ve already promised with a friend to go at full bloom time♪.(y^^y)(smile)


2 Responses to “The Other Day’s Mew: 2005/04/12”

  1. 2005年 4月 16日 at 9:13 am

    I need to personal e-mail address of Mew Azama ( Sailor Jupiter ).
    Help me faster Please.
    thank u.

  2. 2005年 4月 18日 at 5:40 pm

    Dude, I replied to you on your other comment. I hope you’re not planning on posting this same thing to every one of my “The Other Day’s Mew” posts…

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