Linuxconf Day 1 Morning

Wow. Today and tomorrow are mini-confs, and I’m attending the Debian Miniconf4. So far the two speakers have been about the state of Debian according to Bdale Garbee, former DPL, and a presentation on rockets running Debian.

Currently it’s lunchtime, and I’ve found a powerpoint so I can laptop again. Wireless signal is good in MCC foyer, unusable for me in Sullivan’s Cafe, and untested in MCC T2. Of course, others aren’t having this problem, so it’s still either my card, or the prism54 driver in Linux. I’ve now established that booting my laptop with the card in does bad bad things to IRQ routing, meaning I have to boot into windows (or at least try, the local Win98 is unbootable just now) to get things going again. Even a cold boot doesn’t fix it. >_<

Oh, and my laptop’s battery life is about 12 minutes, with a charging time of about 100 minutes. Luckily, that 12 minutes appears to be the first 5% and last 5% of the battery, so I get some warning when it’s about to go down. ^_^

Anyway, I was lucky the guy at the registration desk didn’t look too hard at my student card, which expired at the end of March, and got some neat swag in the showbag, including a little pliars/knife/screwdriver thing, and a network cable-in-a-box type doodad. Actually, that plus the Ubuntu PPC CD (which I’ll prolly use to empty and back up Obiwan, which is why I chose it over i386) is the neat swag. The rest was various brochues and pamphlets for other conferences I can’t afford to attend.

This afternoon we get some very interesting-looking presentations, and I’ll finally be able to put a face to Horms, who’s been sponsoring FreeRADIUS into Debian for me. Which reminds me I have to get those threading fixes uploaded ASAP, and see if there’s anything left for FreeRADIUS 1.1.0’s release to take care of.

6 thoughts on “Linuxconf Day 1 Morning

  1. Wireless works in MCC T2 OK, to my surprise. ^_^

    However, you have to sit in the back row, or third from the front, on either side, to get access to one of the double-power-points they have there. >_<

  2. Using an out of date student ID is one thing…but bragging about it in public…
    Seriously, by ripping off LCA like that you are making it harder on those of us who really are students. The student concession is an extremely generous deal & I would hate to see it become another of “The few spoiling it for the many”.

    As for wireless, I’ve seen people using it right down the front of T3

  3. Oi! I _am_ a student. I just haven’t renewed my card. And I did tell the guy at the registration desk, and had the extra cash in my hand, but he didn’t seem to mind, so I didn’t fuss about it.

    And I’ve seen people use it down the front too. I myself have used it successfully down the front of MCC T1. As I said, it’s a problem local to my laptop. This card even has less problems in my housemate’s windows machine, although it’s possible that’s a prism54 driver issue.

  4. Yeah, I can see how that happens. I do tend to blog as if either myself or someone who knows me is reading it. This whole “showing up on google under things other than TBBle” is new. ^_^

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