The Other Day's Mew: 2005/04/18

・TODAY’S MEW(4/18)★みなさんは外に出て音楽をきこうとしたら電池が入ってなかったor電池すぐなくなったってコトありませんか!?私は最近そればっかです(>_<)そんな時ってスッゴイショックでスッゴイブルーになりますよね…(++)ほんと1日のやる気が失われます…(笑)

Hasn’t everyone had the experience of going outside, listening to music and then there’s not batteries in or the batteries immediately become empty!?Recently I’m that sort of fool.(>_<)At that time the strong shock makes you very blue… (++)Really one day I’ll lose my mind…(*laugh*)

She must have posted this one in the evening, since I’m sure it wasn’t there when I checked about 5pm yesterday. One of these days, it’ll be Today’s Mew!


1 Response to “The Other Day's Mew: 2005/04/18”

  1. 2005年 5月 12日 at 6:09 pm

    Yes, this did change titles. It was “The Other Day’s Mew: 2005/03/18”, presumably because I cut and paste the title from a much earlier posting…

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