Linux.conf.au is a vampire

As previously mentioned, I was at linux.conf.au until Saturday afternoon. I had meant to blog about it, but in fact I got so busy just being there, I failed to. The good news is I now have a whackload of fun projects to work on next time I have a spare moment. I’ll be building a TODO list in my wiki soon, to manage the various things I’m trying to get done. It’ll prolly be unviewable to the public though.

If I was independantly wealthy, Linux.conf.au would have just provided projects to work on for the next nine months until the next Linux.conf.au, in Dunedin, NZ. Yes, New Zealand is now part of Australia for purposes of Linux.conf.au. ^_^

The next five weeks will prolly see more activity in my blog, since I’m at ActewAGL full time, documenting and finalising everything so I can be out of here by July. This is my last ditch effort to get clear so I can finish my degree and get on with my life.


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