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A convention runs on its volunteers

Well, succeeded, but we could have used more volunteers. I could expound on this, but this post is really only an excuse to post my new method of attracting volunteers for next year.


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What a weekend!

Wow, what a weekend. is over. I had a rough weekend, since I’d been flat out at work all week. Here’s my schedule for the weekend:

Friday 7am
Get up, go to work (Tuggeranong)
Friday 6pm
Leave work, collect truck, trailer and fridge from mum and Pete’s place, and couch from my step-cousin Anthony’s
Friday 7:30pm
Final pre-convention meeting at the ANU (Civic)
Saturday 12:00am
Meeting finished, go to Iori to make onigiri
Saturday 5:30am
Finish making onigiri
Saturday 6am
Get home (Queanbeyan), collect microwave and toaster
Saturday 7am
Arrive at Gerard’s place, leave trailer in his year, fill up truck with stuff for convention
Saturday 8am
Arrive at dad’s place to collect projector and screen. Turns out my dad didn’t click to what I meant by “morning”. ^_^
Saturday 8:30am
Arrive at ANU, planning to have 90 minute nap on couch. Instead spend 90 minutes unpacking truck, sticking up signs, and preparing for registration to open
Saturday 10am
Convention opens, with me at the registration desk.
Saturday 1pm
Leave seat, toilet break, and start selling pocky in the hopes that the oil for the BBQ will arrive soon.
Saturday 1:30pm
BBQ oil arrives. Rush off to cook sausages, despite having only disposable wooden chopsticks and a plastic knife and fork to work with.
Saturday 2pm
Leave BBQ in hands of others, rush off to run auction
Saturday 3pm
Scheduled auction finishing time
Saturday 4pm
Actual auction finishing time. Move to information desk to sort out successful sellers.
Saturday 4:30pm
Eat my bento. This is technically Saturday’s breakfast, unless you count four or five boxes of Pocky. ^_^
Saturday 7:30pm
Convention ended.
Saturday 10:00pm
Area cleaned up, quick chat with the guys, during which Gerard has refilled the truck
Saturday 11:00pm
Arrive at Gerard’s place, empty truck, connect trailer.
Sunday 12:00am
Back at Uni, put fridge and couch on trailer.
Sunday 1am
Arrive home. Started losing ability to focus on Canberra Avenue.
Sunday 1:40am
Having unloaded trailer, remove onigiri-making-stained clothing and showered, collapse into bed.

Yes, that was a 43 hour day.

Sunday was much less hectic, simply because I slept through the important stuff, and by the time I got to the event, it was almost all over but the cleaning. So I got home Sunday at about 11pm, those who had transport and time (except Vic) didn’t realise how much was left to clean up at uni, and those who knew had to leave for work.

Anyway, big shouts go out to the various warm bodies we used to stem the flow of things to do out in the registrations area: Luke, David Trang, Kaz, Vic, Emma, Kimberly, Ros, Steve and the two volunteers who’s names I didn’t get who took over the registration desk, right after having worked on the cosplay, when I ran off for the BBQ and auction. Also a big well done to Alana for managing to do sufficiently clear paperwork for the auction that we were able to run the auction successfully despite her falling sick before she had a chance to actually let me know what was what.. And big big thanks to Michael Cross, for doing my scheduling job better than I could have. ^_^ There are probably also other people I’ve missed there, but… Technically, I’m at work, and should be doing work stuff.

Now, on to! ^_^


The Other Day’s Mew: 2005/05/11

TODA’S MEW(5/11)★みなさんGWは何して過ごしましたかぁ(^_^)??私は…特に何処にも行きませんでした(^_^;)友達と遊んだり、友達と遊んだり、友達と遊んだり・・・と言った感じです(y^^y)笑 でもスゴク充実したGWでしたっ☆普段は学校と仕事で友達になかなか会えなかったので、いっぱい遊べて嬉しかったです♪♪

★What did everyone overdo in their Golden Week(^_^)?? For me… I didn’t go anywhere special.(^_^;) Playing with friends, playing with friends, playing with friends… sort of feeling (y^^y)(smile) but was really fufilled Golden Week☆. Frequently I haven’t been able to meet with school and work friends so I played very happily.♪♪

Man, I spent so long trying to work out what GW was. My first thought was “Graduation Week” but that was too long ago. Thanks to SailorV for being present on #solarmiracle when I figured it out. He didn’t actually _help_, but he was there. ^_^.

< SailorV> hey she's cute
< SailorV> what's she do?

Yes, #solarmiracle is a Sailor Moon-related IRC channel…


The Other Day’s Mew: 2005/04/27

TODAY’S MEW(4/27)★みなさんの好きなテレビ番組はなんですかぁ??私は★あいのり★にハマリ中です(y^^y)ずっと前にも見てたんですけど、1回見なくなったらそれ以来見るコトがなくなっちゃってたんですけど、また見出したらハマっちゃいました(*^^*)

★What is everyone’s favourite TV program??For me it’s Ainori during Hamari.(y^^y) I always watched it in sequence before, but I was unable to watch one so since then I haven’t watched it but again I started watching it and then Hamari had finished.(*^^*)

FujiTV also has an English page for Ainori. I can’t believe I’ve been so careful to check for updates, and the moment I move home and get busy with work and Mew posts not one, but two entries. Gah! Anyway, it looks like Mew just consumed every ‘けど’ I had in stock, and possibly some she’d snuck in earlier in her purse.