The Other Day’s Mew: 2005/04/27

TODAY’S MEW(4/27)★みなさんの好きなテレビ番組はなんですかぁ??私は★あいのり★にハマリ中です(y^^y)ずっと前にも見てたんですけど、1回見なくなったらそれ以来見るコトがなくなっちゃってたんですけど、また見出したらハマっちゃいました(*^^*)

★What is everyone’s favourite TV program??For me it’s Ainori during Hamari.(y^^y) I always watched it in sequence before, but I was unable to watch one so since then I haven’t watched it but again I started watching it and then Hamari had finished.(*^^*)

FujiTV also has an English page for Ainori. I can’t believe I’ve been so careful to check for updates, and the moment I move home and get busy with work and anime.au.05 Mew posts not one, but two entries. Gah! Anyway, it looks like Mew just consumed every ‘けど’ I had in stock, and possibly some she’d snuck in earlier in her purse.


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