The Other Day’s Mew: 2005/05/11

TODA’S MEW(5/11)★みなさんGWは何して過ごしましたかぁ(^_^)??私は…特に何処にも行きませんでした(^_^;)友達と遊んだり、友達と遊んだり、友達と遊んだり・・・と言った感じです(y^^y)笑 でもスゴク充実したGWでしたっ☆普段は学校と仕事で友達になかなか会えなかったので、いっぱい遊べて嬉しかったです♪♪

★What did everyone overdo in their Golden Week(^_^)?? For me… I didn’t go anywhere special.(^_^;) Playing with friends, playing with friends, playing with friends… sort of feeling (y^^y)(smile) but was really fufilled Golden Week☆. Frequently I haven’t been able to meet with school and work friends so I played very happily.♪♪

Man, I spent so long trying to work out what GW was. My first thought was “Graduation Week” but that was too long ago. Thanks to SailorV for being present on #solarmiracle when I figured it out. He didn’t actually _help_, but he was there. ^_^.

< SailorV> hey she's cute
< SailorV> what's she do?

Yes, #solarmiracle is a Sailor Moon-related IRC channel…


1 Response to “The Other Day’s Mew: 2005/05/11”

  1. 1 aiyayan
    2005年 8月 6日 at 9:09 am

    hey mew is so cool i want to see her make a movie and do more modeling go mew i love u You rock

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