Finally started the Debian New Maintainer process

Well, I finally started up the Debian New Maintainer process.

I originally started working on this around February 2002, by getting my key signed by a local
Debian Developer. However, my next step (adopt an orphaned package) failed miserably since the
only orphaned package I felt up to was awesfx, and I wasn’t really using it — I had an AWE64
in Keitarou at the time, but wasn’t using the wavetable. ^_^

Flash forward to early 2003, when we launched BU, and I
started using a Debian package of FreeRADIUS (then radiusd-freeradius) as the RADIUS server.
However, the maintainer at the time (Chad Miller) felt FreeRADIUS was too buggy to go into
Debian/stable (the just-released Woody) but the bug
used to keep it out of Woody
also caused it to be removed from the archive entirely in
a post-Woody archive purge.

Ever intrepid, I turned to the upstream, where I discovered a debian/ directory also existed,
had been maintained by Chad Miller, and produced (roughly) the same pacakges as the Debian
archive’s version. “Aha!” said I, now that I had a way of keeping up to date. However, at
this point I was not completely happy with the upstream Debian packages. For a start, they
had the wrong version number in them…

So I started sending in some patches
to the Debian build (as well as miscellaneous things I’d hit elsewhere in the system) and was
eventually granted CVS access to do my
own commits
. During this process, I renamed the package to

Eventually, I was happy enough with it that I decided to try and get it into the Debian archive.
Unlike many prospective maintainers who are not developers, I had no trouble finding a sponsor. (So much for that Debian myth…)
In fact, I had at least three offers, and one offer of co-maintainership. I ended up agreeing
to have Steve Langasek (also a Debian Release Manager) sponsor the package in, mainly because
I got his email first. ^_^

And so I had a package sponsored into the Debian archive on 11th November 2003 (after a query
from the ftp masters as to the number of binary packages produced. I stood my ground, and to
my surprise, won. That’s another Debian myth squashed. ^_^)

At the time, I intended to apply for Debian Developership soon after having the package enter
the archive, but elected to wait for the Sarge release, since Steve would be busy until then
Release-Managering. At the time, Sarge was slated for a December 2003 release. ^_^

Flash forward a year and a half. — In this time I discovered the #debian and #debian-devel
IRC channels, made a nuisance of myself on them and the Debian mailing lists and was accordingly
humbled, stayed the hell away from any DPL debates and the “documentation wants to be free” debate,
and generally enjoyed myself. ^_^

Anyway, Sarge came out, but I was playing
Guildwars and so not watching my email too closely until about the 9th. ^_^ And so once again
visions of are dancing in my mind. Steve Langasek’s agreed to advocate
me, which is good since he’s no longer the sponsor of FreeRADIUS, due to RM commitments, but I
was a tad worried after someone at
told me I was the ‘infamous’ TBBle from debian-devel. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Finally started the Debian New Maintainer process

  1. Just a quick word of thanks for you unknowingly introducing me to WordPress, and to say that though I’m relatively awake and not in Kenji-land at the moment, your post still eluded. ^_^;

    Hope you’ll have a lovely week!

  2. WordPress is glorious, isn’t it? I also very very highly recommend Spam Karma 2,
    and I’m also using the Spoiler, Subscribe To Comments, Gravatar and wp-amazon
    plugins, although not very much. ^_^

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