The best laid plans

Wow. I sneeze, a few months pass, and life turns upside down…

安座間美優 2006年度 カレンダー

Firstly, obviously no The Other Day’s Mews posted. I’ve got backlogs ahoihoi (although I’m missing about a month from October 3rd through November 11th) which I might have to start cherry-picking just to get them up.

Still, I got my 2006 Mew Calendar from AmazonJP. It was too expensive to ship by itself (shipping was significantly more than the calendar. >_<) but then I decided to buy myself an LPIC I book, and found a friend who wanted some stuff, so it came out quite cheaply. (Pictures and links at bottom of post)

I need the LPIC I book because I’m going to 2006 in New Zealand later this month, and will be sitting two LPI level 1 exams there. I’m really looking forward to it, I had soo much fun last year. And I’ve never been overseas before (over strait, technically), so I’ve now got my first ever passport.

The passport was surprisingly quick to get. I had most of the paperwork already, and put the application in on the 23rd of December, and when I got back from Queensland, it came by registered mail on the 6th of January. And my mother was worried that I’d be hard-pressed to get it before I left for New Zealand if I put it in in December. There’s an online tracking system, but I never got to try it, because I was in Queensland, as I mentioned.

I was in Queensland from the 30th of December until the 5th of January. I went up with my mum, step-father and sister for my youngest uncle’s wedding. It was a nice wedding (outdoors, on a jetty-type thing the name of which escapes me) at a golf resort near the Gold Coast. And I use “near” loosely. For Queenslanders, it’s near. For a Canberran like me, it was half-way to Sydney. It was also very hot, and very humid. I basically did two things in Queensland apart from the wedding, play video games and sweat. I also saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (good!) and Fun With Dick and Jane (also good!). Many of our family members (now numbering 33 in Lyall the clan) had t-shirts and such made up with “I got Lyalled at the Wedding of the Century” and “Lyallfest 05/06” on them. They were very cool, and slightly silly. Which seems appropriate somehow. It was an idea that came up after a little too much booze at the Lyall Christmas Party.

Christmas was fun, visited cousin’s new place on Christmas Eve, spent night at Mum’s place, visited Dad and grandparents in the morning, backto Mum’s for lunch. Roast, of course. ^_^ A nice relaxing time after the hectic chaos of the preceeding two months, and my new job.

Yup, I’ve gained another new job. I also got rid of two, so I’m actually not doing too badly for a change. At the end of October, Bandwidth Unlimited folded, much to my shock, despair and disappointment. CBIT (note the new category!) bought the customers and equipment, and while I was there getting all the systems transferred over, they offered me the job of Internet Operations Manager for CBIT Internet. From then until now (and onwards into the future) I’ve been working flat-out with my old BU job, Richard’s BU job, and all the jobs we both weren’t doing. (Which possibly explains why BU folded…) If that sounds too much, it is. Luckily, CBIT’s already been doing Internet (reselling BU since May) so a lot of the sales and management infrastructure is in place, so it’s not like I’m doing it myself. And it’s a chance for me to reshape all the things that were wrong with BU because I didn’t have the time to fix them. The main worry I have with CBIT is what happens if I get into the JET program and leave in July

I applied for JET in December, haven’t yet heard if I got an interview. I did spend a hectic morning photocopying and getting signed various documents. The ANU Union’s JP was away that day, so it was more hectic than I expected. Happily, the ANU Student Admin had a JP on the front desk who could sign things during quiet periods. So I’ve applied, and have references from Steve Thiele of TransACT and Ikeda-sensei of the ANU Japan Centre. I think I’m in with a good chance, but then again I always think that. ^_^

My Debian NM application was finally processed to the policy and procedures stage (which is to say, I got a AM assigned to me) in the first week of November. This of course was the week I started at CBIT, so I had to place it on hold while I got things organised there. It’s still on hold. I was hoping to have it done before linuxconf, but such is life. I’d still like to submit my next _stage_ by linuxconf, but part of the task is rereading policy. That’s a thick thick document, and I’m still working on my LPI ExamCram book. If I get the stuff in, I think I’m in with a good chance there too, although the FreeRADIUS package has been suffering a bit of neglect. Luckily, it hasn’t needed a lot of attention, although 1.1.0 is going to be released this week so I’ll need to get that uploaded.

I think that’s all I’ve done in the last couple of months. It seemed more at the time. Anyway, I’m back on IRC at nights after nearly two months absense, and I’m now hanging around the Whirlpool Forums particularly TransACT (professionally) and Linux/BSD (lifestyle). ^_^

For Christmas, I scored Red Dward VI, Red Dwarf VII, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy movie.. AmazonJP doesn’t list the latter two yet.

Red Dwarf: Series 6 (2pc)
Lpic I Exam Cram 2 (Exam Cram 2)


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