Once upon a time in California

Saw “The Legend of Zorro” tonight with Bek and Sean. It was… interesting. A few fairly good fight scenes, with some nonsense in between to bulk out the movie. Bek and Sean commented that the movie could have done with some cutting, although really it was obvious that it had already had a fair bit of scissor-work taken to it. Particularly when one character says to another “As you said, ‘You never see the one you love, you only see what you wish to see'” or words to that effect. Either I dozed off, or they cut the scene where the character in question actually says that. Maybe the actors decided the script was too long and coherent, and decided to adlib a bit. Who knows? It’ll prolly be put back for the DVD, mind you. Then again, they _could_ decide to explore this particular editing path further on the DVD…

The Legend Of Zorro: Zorro rides again in this blockbuster movie! Can Zorro defend the poor, downtrodden Spanish peasants of California from the evil French Count and his soap? Or will the Frenchman’s wine prove too much for our hero?

Anyway, various interesting swordfights and similar. Apparently Catherine Zeta Jones learnt that one-inch punch from Kill Bill Vol. 2

Previews of Aeon Flux (it looks cool, it had better be cool, or there’ll be much crying and gnashing of teeth), Just Friends (Depressing, given my history… >_<) and Casanova (Looks amusing, but I’d rather watch the BBC miniseries I think. I’m sorry I missed it on the ABC late last year… I don’t suppose anyone taped it?)

In other news, I got to the interview stage for the JET program. I’m not sure why they sent the notice to my mother’s house, but there it is. Interview sometime in February, they’re gonna call.

I got a phonecall from Melbourne yesterday afternoon… If that was JET, I’m confused as to why they called from Melbourne. If that’s someone reading this, call again. I got no voice mail and my phone’s phonebook didn’t recognise the number. ^_^

I have to get the international roaming activated for my phone, on that topic. I’d die without a mobile in New Zealand. I’ll prolly die when I see the phone bill. History suggests I make long phonecalls back to Canberra whenever I travel. On the plus side, calling me costs me 26c flat rate, so I’m as contactable as always.

I’m all excited about the New Zealand trip. I’ve got all the accomodation worked out now, staying in Kiwi’s Nest about three blocks from the university on the Friday and Saturday night, and at the university for the rest of the trip. I am also worried what CBIT will do without me, as the promised webadmin interface is not ready. Maybe I’ll have a nice productive programming day tomorrow? The fact that I’m working on my blog at 1am suggests not…

On a side note, I think I’ve discovered Smilex… I can eat any one of sardines, tomatoes, tomato sauce, onion, curry powder, chillis, and noodles, but combine then together into a dish, the name of which escapes me (It looks like red sludge with noodles mixed in) and I have an upset stomach the next day. A friend pointed out that he’s allergic to tomatoes, so I wonder if I am too… They’re c

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