Debian bunfights, AJ sells his soul, and Battlestar Galactica: LCA Miniconfs Day 1 Morning

Happily, wifi works in the theatres. ^_^

First up in the Debian minconf was just enough of S2 Ep1 of Battlestar Galactica to remind me of where the Australian TV season’s up to, and probably frustrate those who haven’t already seen it.

Next was a presentation by a Ubuntu MOTU member regarding Debian/Ubuntu collaberation. A bit of interesting information about how Ubuntu’s Debian-collaberation stuff works, a few buns thrown, and a fair bit of jovial back-and-forth. Just what I was hoping for. Interesting link: – Version comparisons between Ubuntu and Debian.

Interlude: Coffee, chat, and the next 20 minutes of the BSG episode.

Anthony Towns and his way of trying to get people to pay him to work on Open Source projects. It’s kind of an inverse bounty where he posts what he wants people to work on, and people put up money to what they want done. It involves a Supply and Demand curve pair apparently, but he didn’t post slides… So here’s the link to it: AJ Market. The discussion evolved into a look at “betting markets” as a replacement for bounty systems. The idea is, you bet $x against something being implemented. If it’s implemented, you got your feature. If it’s not implemented, you get your money back, plus money that was bet _for_ it being done. People working on implementing it bet on it being implemented, and share the winnings if it is implemented. Obviously this places a bit of risk on the side of the implementors, but it’s a fascinating idea.

Overhearing a conversation about this while I was packing up, apparently part of this also involves the buy and selling of “bets”, which actually turn out to be more like shares… The idea being that a programmer can pick up cheap shares (eg. because the project’s been ignored for ages, and is seeming very unlikely) and then complete it, realising the full value of the shares. This requires that any initial investments are made on both sides of the bet. This situation would encourage people to ignore things they know they _could_ do until it’s worth it to do it, but at the same time if you want something done, you can buy your shares on both sides, and give away the “will be done” shares to a likely candidate, which gives them an incentive to get it done, as the shares are only on paper until the project is completed.

I’m sure AJ’s blog has more useful information, or will do really soon now. I’m interested, myself. Anyone wanna bet me that I can’t do Linux WMB for things other than ralink cards? ^_^

An interlude in the history of PHPRasmus Lerdorf is actually presenting a tutorial onPHP5 behind Web2.0 (AJAX etc) stuff which I’m probably going to go to on Thursday afternoon, much as it clashes with the tutorial on programming Asterisk PABX at serveral levels and the latter is highly relevant to what I’m supposed to be doing for a living.

This afternoon, however, it’ll be the Perl 6 session at the Damien Conway miniconf in Burns 7. ^_^

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