Sockmonkeys of fire: LCA Miniconfs Day 2 Afternoon

Horm’s followup talk on Debian kernel packaging from LCA2005 was great. At LCA2005, Horms gave us a rundown on the new kernel-team plan they had developed and not yet implemented (as they were waiting for the Sarge release, amongst other challenges). Since then, Sarge has released, they started the process with 2.6.12, and they’ve brought all 11 Linux architectures’ kernel packages together as of 2.6.15. Which is a hell of an achievement.

They’re using a SVN directory to track the security and sarge-affecting patches, to prevent losing track of problems in either people’s inboxes or the security team’s enormous pile of issues.

A brief interruption due to a firealarm put us somewhat behind schedule… Turned out to be faulty equipment overheating in the roof.

Horms mentioned that he spent a year doing bug responding for the linux kernel, and burnt out… I must remember to talk to him about that, I like answering bugs. ^_^

Bdale’s presentation on “HP and Linux” was interesting, showing how a corporation and a community can cooperate in a way that suits both. I’d love to say more, but I’ve had wireless problems for two hours and it’s sliped my mind…

I might change back to dscape, actually… This wireless has been fairly dodgey all day. I’ll see if I can massage Rene’s packages into building devicescape, he’s done the hard yards of dpkg-divert etc.

Keith Packard returned to tell us how the launch of their LV2 rocket which he spoke about last year went. It was spectacular. Go read their site, but long-story-short, they now have a 3000G acceration-tested sockmonkey.

Bdale again took the stage, for another State Of The Project-type thing. He briefly talked about how things such as the Debian Project Leader Team “SCUD” had gone in the nine months since it came together, and how that related to what he’d said last year at the other end of the past nine months. He then moved on to talking about some of the more general issues facing Debian, some new and some quite old.

As well as the onsite mirror server (which we can’t add to…) we now have an onsite proxy server.

Hmm, wireless seems to have settled down now… Still gonna poke Rene about dscape packaging. ^_^

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