Interview with a Sambpire: LCA Tutorials Afternoon

Samba4 status presented by Andrew Tridgell, Andrew Bartlett, and Jelmer Vernooij.

Samba 4 Tech Preview 1 has been released. In the tradition of named released, it’s known as “Rigged Demo”. ^_^ It’s been packaged in Debian experimental for months, but you of course knew that…

The list of cool cool things is kinda long, but here’s some very quick notes: Javascript-based scripting API. Finally, actually scriptable remote AD administration. In fact, there’s Javascript embedded in the server-side of the new, AJAJ-enabled SWAT allowing remote web users to remotely administer other machines in the AD domain…

Which of course leads to the fact that Samba4 TP1 can already function as a AD Domain Controller. Tridge gave a live demo of Active Directory Vampire! Point it at a Win2k3 AD DC, and hit “exsanguinate”. Less than a minute later, a windows XP machine which was on the domain with the old DC can login without missing a beat.

Andrew B? was telling me on Friday night that Samba4 is a monolithic server, but is completely non-threaded… When a part needs to wait for a response, it runs the event loop again. If a message comes in for another part of the system, that part gets to run, simply growing the stack of paused subsystems. This follows on sensibly from Tridge’s talk last year about how bad multithreading is, how bad IPC is, and why can’t the various Samba4 components all just get along in one address space…

The Samba4 core team took a brief vacation earlier in the year to look at the new Windows Vista tech-preview, specifically to pull apart the new and completely undocumented SMB2 protocol MS has slipped underneath. Consistent with their drive to make everything a database, it apparently has some kind of support for database-like transactions and rollbacks. The good news is that Samba4 has client-side support for it, and will probably release a full SMB2 product before Microsoft does. Just another way in which Open Source stifles innovation™, I guess.

Also this afternoon, a presentation on L2TPNS by Brenden O’Dea, who presented the same software at LCA05… I don’t remember much about the presentation last year, but I had at the time just started playing with it for IPSec over 802.11, since I didn’t have any WPA-capable hardware and was sick of cables running along the roof at Shane’s place.

Since then, I’ve moved, I’ve got WPA-supported gear, and I’d forgotten who Brenden worked for. I told someone “a small ISP in Mildura” a couple of weeks ago. As it happens, he’s from Optus, and his software is supporting about 170k concurrent ADSL connections. So it’s good good stuff. As it happens, I’m back in the L2TP market just now, for both ADSL and hopefully a VPN solution, so I was glad this particular presentation was very very featureful, and talked frankly about the challenges involved. Also, Optus’s ISP serverside is totally Linux-based, and as other departments hand servers over to them to operate, they get Linuxed too. It’s a wonderful thing… Sounds like a great place to work.

Linux Australia AGM… Nothing to see here, move along people.

Keysigning… Not really entertaining, although I am equal 11th in the MSD, for those registered this year. This puts me out at the end of the unfashionable western spiral of the central cluster.

Well, it was faster than last year. Done in about 45 minutes. ^_^

So, dinner hunting time. WordPress 2.0 upgrade to do tonight. And LPI study. And more S.O.S to watch… And gotta get more sleep than last night. (No last-minute libmysqlclient15 bug hunting this time…)

(Edit: &tm; is not the HTML entity for the tradmark symbol. ™ is)

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