The power (or lack thereof) of QT4: LCA Tutorials Morning

Overnight interlude: Talked to rene, he didn’t seem enthused about a dscape package, so I’ll do it myself (based on his code. ^_^). Also, halfway through S.O.S. I really just want to hit Irie-san with something… Gah!

LCA2006 conference opening this morning. As I’d gleaned from the Rough Guide to New Zealand, it is unexpectedly hot. This place looks more and more tempting, although the Internet link (NZ – Spiritual home of IP over Carrier Pigeon according to one wag) scares me.

QT4 tutorial this morning. Not a lot to say, lots of concentrating on slides. However, I did observe a serious problem that I was not expecting… They’ve not supplied a single power board, and the powerpoints in Castle 1 are even more dearth than at the ANU. Castle 2 (where the Debian miniconf was) is excellently appointed for powerpoints, on the other hand. On the gripping hand, this was my main contribution to the pre-LCA network survery they undertook… Oh well, I’ll see if I can go make noise on IRC or something…

Well, maybe I’ll say something about QT4. I’ve not done any GUI programming before, so it’s both interesting, and looks like a lot of work. Much as I can read and understand C++, I think I’d be more comfortable doing it in perl or similar. Also, the presenter moved quite quickly, so I suspect this was aimed slightly over my head (although I could follow what was going on, I certainly couldn’t be aping him as we went. I guess I was spoilt by Rusty and Robert’s kernel module tutorial last year… Maybe it’s like The Princess Bride in that it’s a beloved movie, but for many people watching it years later pales in comparison to their fond memories… Although neither the kernel module tutorial nor The Princess Bride have paled in my memory yet.

Oh yeah. And I had to keep stopping to apt-get install things during the tutorial. We were told we’d need qt4 w/sqlite support (qt4-dev and qt4-sql), nothing was mentioned of the Assistant (qt4-doc qt4-dev-tools) Designer (qt4-designer) nor the SQLite client (sqlite3) and admittedly the first and last are optional. I guess the presenter assumed we’d be fetching qt4.1 from source and installing it…

Morning tea: Rene’s online, and _is_ working on a dscape packageset. ^_^ And in completely unrelated seen-on-IRC news: OpenJazz Jazz Jackrabbit 1 reimplementation (uses original tilesets etc)…Someone’s started porting it to the Nintendo DS. More on this after I find cookies or something.

Also during morning tea, I was roped into coming to the Perl BOF on Thursday afternoon. Although there’s several BOFs on I’m interested in, the perl6 talk from Monday has me all Perl-enthused right now. Especially if it means I can sensibly resurrect my SOAP server for CBIT, and send out my auto-emails without the evils of perl5’s format code. (This modules implements Exegesis 7, although I think what Damian described on Monday was slightly different. There’s no Synopsis 7 yet either. -_-

More QT4. I18n support’s there and easy to use programatically, although they apparently expect literals in UTF-16… The suggestion is to work in latin1 and just provide a translation for the target language to start with. This is prolly a quite sensible idea in general, as it allows your documentation writers to rewrite the text in the interface as needed, and lets the programming team leave the messages in the untranslated version in a format and phrasing useful to them, which as everybody knows is rather different from the way users work. Who is General Protection and why did his mistake crash my program?

This reminds me of a neat thing an IRC friend of mine once showed me that she was working on for a games company. She’d managed to independently re-implement po (in fact, it looked more like the QT4 i18n does, now I’ve seen it) for Visual Studio programs, while extending it to not just text, but all kinds of resources, drop-in-able with DLLs. So graphics with embedded text, video, audio and country-specific non-language things were all trivially handleable by their l10n teams. I bet it was doing encryption too, from my experience with Japanese games’ text resources.

Wow, haven’t seen or heard from her since the fall of #pgsm to TVNihon… One of the sadly few IRC friends I have who get my programming stuff, my linux stuff, my anime stuff, my random Japanese stuff, and was still genki in the morning. ^_^

News flash! Trolltech has announced that US spelling is indeed wrong… In some cases internationalization is simple, for example, making a US application accessible to Australian or British users may require little more than a few spelling corrections. ^_^

Lunch: Seen on Planet 2006: Splashpower, an induction-charger for mobile devices. According to Arjen Lentz they’re in discussions with distributors. Amusingly, each submenu on their site has a picture at the top of someone who stuck the little metal strip to their foot and then walked across the pad. Possibly this could supplant firewalking as a harmless but dangerous-looking power-activity (or would that be extreme walking?) of the future.

Also lunch: I finally understand why the power-point cable on my PowerBook’s adaptor comes off. You can replace it with a plug, which is almost as neat a solution as the retractable version I was talking to Jez about last week. I wonder if that’s something I need to poke my boss about, or if it’s an optional extra…


3 thoughts on “The power (or lack thereof) of QT4: LCA Tutorials Morning

  1. me too 🙂 Im just wondering if its my port you are refering to. I posted up an alpha binary the other day in #dsdev and #mellowdsdev and #dcemu on efnet, it appeared to only partially work on carts like the m3 which allow the original datafile to be appended to the end of the nds romfile. And the graphics are not synced correctly. I still need to do alot of work to my SDL library port before I will be able to get back to fixing this version. So hopefully you were referring to someone else porting it 🙂


  2. I was referring to the one you posted on #dsdev, I believe. I still haven’t either found cookies or read up further on OpenJazz, mind you. As you can tell from the rest of my blog, it’s been a hectic week…

    Thanks for the info. ^_^

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