Mew's new drama launched: Gachi Baka!「ガチバカ!」

Mew in her new role


Yes, I know I used it less than an hour ago regarding Web 2.0. Seriously, it’s true again. Not only did Mew’s new TV series start last Thursday (I reckon they posted it late to her site. I’m sure I visited it last Saturday!), but a fansub of the first episode is already doing the rounds, with episode two not even available as a RAW yet.

「ガチバカ!」‘s official website is of course in Japanese, but JDorama.com have of course launched their own reference page for Gachi Baka!. JDorama’s cast list looks kinda short, compared to both the cast and character lists on the official website.

Mew’s character is named 牛島理恵, and there’s an interview and some character background there, again in Japanese. I’ll add it to my pile of Mew-related stuff that needs translating. ^_^

So to all those naysayers who said Mew wouldn’t do any more acting (this includes Mew herself, as I recall)… Yay Mew!

Edit: How could I forget to include a picture?

Edit: And then the alt tag?? My fangirly joy must have flooded my HTML neurons.


2 Responses to “Mew's new drama launched: Gachi Baka!「ガチバカ!」”

  1. 1 Not Drunk Enough
    2006年 4月 29日 at 2:50 am

    “[A]lt tag”? Alt tag?! My alcohol consumption at Michael/Monkey’s birthday part must not have flooded my HTML neurons, because the word is attribute, dammit! Attribute! &lt/pedant>

    (I don’t know what a Mew is, but okay, yeah! Win!)

  2. 2006年 5月 9日 at 11:46 pm

    That’s what I mean about flooded neurons! I was so beside myself with joy, I was a back-seat HTML coder, without a map.

    That’s Mew up the top in the photo, Mr didn’t-remember-the-semicolon-in-the-entity-reference.

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