IPv6 uptake suffers, 802.11g on the rise (and fall, about 2.4 thousand million times per second)

Well, the good news is that I got my wireless working with the latest dscape stack…

Up until now, any dscape stack more recent than the 060102 drop would bug when bcm43xx tried to send a packet. The stacktrace looked something like this:

Vector: 300 pc=e2157440: iee80211_master_start_xmit + 0x6c/0x4bc [80211]
            lr=e2157400: iee80211_master_start_xmit + 0x2c/0x4bc [80211]
msr 9032 sp df853d70 [df853cc0] dar -08 dsisr = 40000000
current=c1a8f240 pid = 1365 comm=udevd
[df853ab4] 00000008
[df853ab4] c01c449c qdisc_reestrt +0x100/0x1f0
[df853ab4] c01b2ddc dev_queue_xmit +0x160/0x2b0
[df853ab4] e27da328 mld_sendpack +0x2d4/0x3ec [ipv6]
[df853ab4] e27daa74 mld_ifc_timer_expire +0x21c/0x278 [ipv6]
[df853ab4] c0033507 run_timer_softirq +0x14c/0x1d0
[df853ab4] c002ea50 __do_softirq +0x68/0xf4
[df853ab4] c002eb24 do_softirq +0x48/0x60
[df853ab4] c00068dc timer_interrupt +0x1e0/0x1f4
[df853ab4] c0004584 ret_from_excet +0x0/0x1c
exception 901 [df853ab4] fedb9f0
[df853ab4] 1002000
[df853ab4] 10004474
[df853ab4] 0fe848ac
[df853ab4] 0fe849f4
[df853ab4] 00000000

Anyway, today I decided to actually track this down. Must be all the PowerPC presentations I keep going to…

First try was that low-hanging fruit, Ipv6. It gets dragged in somewhere during the boot process, despite not being listed in /etc/modules. Luckily, the easy solution is the rename the module, so modprobe can’t find it. ^_^

And lo and behold, the dang thing worked!

So I finished off the dscape-based packages I based on rene’s softmac-based packages and uploaded it to http://www.tbble.net/dscape/

So LCA report for today will be late, since I’m currently at the Perl BOF and will have to dash off to the Penguin Dinner after.


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