Maginnis Magee

Light in Dark Corners: My Dad wrote this, and it’s really really good. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and highly recommend it. ^_^
Syriana: The movie was actually really good, but I felt bad after seeing it. It’s a sad and scary world we live in, and that’s over here on the easy side of it.
The AppleCare Protection Plan turns out to be good for keeping my laptop running.Since putting this into place, my laptop’s not once dropped dead from overheating… I actually suspect if I’d configured the power settings properly this wouldn’t be neccessary.

AppleCare Protection Plan 2AppleCare Protection Plan 1

That’s actually the display box. We’re an Apple reseller of some kind at CBIT, but due to lack of a front counter while the construction work happens out the back, all the display boxes are in my offfice…

Oh, the pain… I’m sitting here working on this entry at home, and the damn thing overheats. >_< I prolly should add a temperature sensor output of some kind to my desktop… Or at least bring the AppleCare Protection Plan home with me…

At least, I’ve a belly full of dairy-free pizza. Good on Dominos for publishing their list of allergens. ^_^

Edit: I forgot to give this post a clever title… I think this one’s fitting. ^_^

Edit: Fix images

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