Certifiable Linux Professional

My LPI exam results came on Thursday, but I only just read the email…

Score Report for Exam 101

Your Score: 660
Required Passing Score: 500
Status: Pass

Test Section Information
Percent Correct Section
 71%            Hardware  Architecture
 78%             Linux Installation & Package Management
 95%            GNU & Unix Commands
100%            Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
 75%            The X Window System
Score Report for Exam 102

Your Score: 690
Required Passing Score: 500
Status: Pass

Test Section Information
Percent Correct Section
100%            Kernel
 75%            Boot, Initialization, Shutdown and Runlevels
100%            Printing
100%            Documentation
100%            Shells, Scripting, Programming and Compiling
 66%            Administrative Tasks
100%            Networking Fundamentals
 94%            Networking Services
 83%            Security

Given my intense need to know just how much cleverer I am than those around me, I went to the LPI website to find out just what the LPI scores mean. It turns out that they’re scaled to give a mean of 480 and a standard deviation of 100.

If you’re not familiar with standard deviation, Wikipedia to the rescue: Standard Deviation

This means that passing should be just under 50%. However, their stats say that the pass-rate was about 64% up to 2003, and the recent stats say they’ve given 100k exams and have 32k certified LPIC-1’s — you need two exam passes to be an LPIC-1. Well, I guess at least they’re consistent over the years…

More importantly, this means that my 101 result puts me at the middle-high end of the 84.1 — 97.7% block (1σ-2σ) and my 102 result puts me at the low end of the 97.7% — 99.8% block (2σ-3σ). Which means a score between 780 and 860 is top-0.2%, for those playing along at home.

I’m quite pleased, given they only took me around 20 minutes each. ^_^

So how am I spending my weekend? Installing Visual Studio for a development project I’ve won. >_<

I also recently discovered a new prime number generation algorithm. Ask a client to submit all their new artwork for their website. Some portion of it will need scaling down. And some portion of that will have a dimension that is prime. O_O

Edit: Fix image


Depressed atomic bombs

Seen on TV news tonight: Scientists have identified the depression-response gene which governs how well people handle stressful situations and how likely they are to lapse into depression. They are reluctant to advocate testing for this gene, as identification as a carrier may lead to the people at most risk of depression becoming… depressed.

I’m not sure if this is scientific responsiblity demonstrating the counter-argument to the people who claim that science should never have split the atom, since it lead to the creation of the atomic bomb… Or if it’s simply a news editor’s idea of a good story punchline. Either way, it’s nice to see that Australian news is catching up to the present day, the BBC article is not quite three years old. As opposed to the recent slashdot article about toxic toads taking over Australia… ^_^