Pledges of allegience to free software…

In good news, the pledge drive to raise $10 000 towards a reverse-engineered NVidia DRI-3D-accelerated driver has succeeded. Dave Nielsen, the instigator of the pledge, gave a canned history of the pledge drive on his blog, and handily demonstrated that the free software community are willing to put a little bit of extra cash towards a little bit of extra freedom.

In bad news, the bid to purchase “The Saga Of Ryzom” from failed developer Nevrax has failed. They were outbid by Gameforge AG. A ray of sunshine is that the project looks like it will continue, and there has already been the suggestion that they instead consider Asheron’s Call 2 which closed in 2005 but was apparently quite good.

Co-incidentally, I was in one of the beta tests for Asheron’s Call (I don’t remember if it was 1 or 2), and today beta-testing applications opened for Tabula Rasa. I don’t remember signing up for the mailing list, but I do have a PlayNC account through having purchased Guild Wars, a model I still hold up as being an excellent way to structure a MMOG’s income, at least from a payer point of view. Of course, my job here at Micro Forté is as a programmer, not game producer, so my views aren’t exactly changing the world… but give it time. ^_^

Speaking of Micro Forté, the Gaming Miniconf at LCA2007 is having Paul Murphy from <a href=’’BigWorld Tech (MF’s MMOG technology development subsidiary, based in Sydney) as a guest speaker. I’ll prolly have to sneak out of the Debian Miniconf to see that.

Poop. Paul Murphy’s talk clashes directly with Anthony Town’s “State of The Project” address. So there you go, first session of LCA2007 (barring keynotes, which don’t conflict…) and I’ve got a scheduling conflict. >_< Maybe this year the recording will all work…

Edit: Someone floated the open-source Asheron’s Call 2 idea the day it closed…

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