Why I no longer don't read weblogs

Firstly, a vast majority of people who read this, won’t actually know the context of “Why I don’t read weblogs”. This is deliberate. I still know people involved in that incident, so no details will be released. If you’re one of the lucky ones to know the story, don’t pass the link around. ^_^ (It’s embarrassing to me, just to be clear, so don’t let the paranoia get you down.)

Anyway, LiveJournal slipped me back into weblogs by stealth, so I guess it’s time to face it. I started out just looking at my housemate’s LJ. Then one bored Saturday afternoon, I had a look at his friends list and realised I knew some of the people on it (through him) and so, having already managed to get OpenID working between LiveJournal and my WordPress site (Using OpenID Comments For WordPress, which despite the name is also an OpenID Server) I added them to my ‘friends’ page.

And then from a comment on a blog there, I recognised a long-unseen friend’s nick, and then from that person’s friends list, I recognised a whole bunch of other friends.

I accidentally connected my little island of long-winded to the blogosphere. O_O (I wish they’d called it the blogoblong. It’s so much more fun to say…)

Anyway, as much as anything else, this post is also to explain if anyone doesn’t recognise the username at the end of the befriending, well, now you know how I found you.

This is also to prevent me starting another disk of Babylon 5, given when I started this it was too early to go to bed, but three hours more watching Babylon 5 would have left me going to bed too late instead. This way it’s, in the words of Goldilocks, “Holy shit, talking bears!”


2 thoughts on “Why I no longer don't read weblogs

  1. Wow, I just checked with Google, and it appears I did indeed invent “blogoblong”… Although by linking to XKCD through it, XKCD ends up above this site in Google’s results.

    Curse you Google and your ranking of pages based on how interesting they are, instead of just putting me at the top of the list. >_<

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