It takes surprisingly little bad karma to get a good karma payout

Good news! Having worked for most of the traditional Christmas break, I’m now going to to linux.conf.au 08 in Melbourne next week, and Game Developers Conference 2008 in San Francisco in late February.


For those of you who don’t already realise, my dream job since age six was to be a video games programmer. Having now achieved that, you’d figure I was now in for karmic mortgage payments for a while. And sure enough, having an umbilical hernia become quite painful on Friday night, 28th of December (I was working that day) would certainly seem to be within reach. I’d actually had the hernia for a couple of months, I reckon, but hadn’t known what it was or what to do with it. (I thought I was just getting fatter. -_-) Anyway, a mix of mentos, Coca-cola, lifting a heavy TV that week and who knows what else ended up with me spending the night in hospital on morphine. (Well, I dunno if I was on morphine all night. They gave me some) Thankfully, the surgeon registrar was able to push the bits of bowels sticking out back in (before the morphine. -_-) without problem, and no problems appeared overnight, so I’m now waiting for the letter to let me join the waiting list for surgery, and occasionally stopping to push bits of my bowel back through my belly-button.

This means I’m no longer a hospital virgin (not that I really was. I went to hospital when I was three years old or so, to get my forehead stitched up after falling off the wall above our driveway in Oyster Bay, Sydney) but it was a scare that I wouldn’t be able to go to LCA this year, having already booked and paid for it, and LCA being my main actual holiday each year.

Also, it was lucky my sister was in town, since when I told her where and how it hurt, her mind went straight to hernia, so she and my mother came over to check me out and took me to hospital, hours earlier than I would have gone myself.

Anyway, early last week I saw the surgeon consultant, and he said I’d be fine to travel, since the surgery was fairly far off in the future anyway (“several months” I believe) and as long as I don’t put sustained lateral strain on my abdomen, I’ll be fine.

He also said to lose weight, of course.

So yeah, I reckon that the hernia prolly balances out LCA, GDC, my job, and maybe even my paying off of the ATO this year. I hope the universe agrees, ’cause if I’m still in the red for those good things, I’ll have to be sure to backup my new laptop before I travel.


1 Response to “It takes surprisingly little bad karma to get a good karma payout”

  1. 2009年 4月 9日 at 3:33 am

    Interesting to hear that a grown up has to have the same procedure as my 9 month old son. Hope your goes well!!

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