First rule of karma: You don't talk about karma

OK, so I made it to LCA08 in Melbourne, eventually.

However, I managed to have the following happen on the way:

  • Got the time of my flight to Melbourne wrong, arrived at 5:30pm for a flight that left at 5pm.
  • Caught the wrong tram from Melbourne CBD to uni accomodation, had to walk from Royal Melbourne Hospital back to the university. This was precipitated by me misreading the tram t
    imetable thingy.
  • Failed to wave at a traim outside the uni, meaning it sailed right on past me.
  • Locked myself out of my room, the third time I left it. (They’ve got those dumb swipe-card locks which are always locked except when you’ve just swiped from the outside, but are open from the inside.)
  • Asked on about the URL for Planet LCA 2008 while it was in the topic. (Unlike on #debian, not only was I not mocked for this, no one noticed before I did, a while later)

On the other hand, I caught up with Brad, Evelyn, Bek, Jason, Phil, Naoko, Geoff and Ange, all in the one day. That was fun, we had dinner, I stuck my sore feet in the ocean and felt better, and I manged to catch the right trams from the university _to_ the city. Well, lunch with Naoko, the rest with the others. (Actually, that’s in reverse chronological order)

The actual conference first day was interesting. I was at the Debian Mini-conf all day, seeing a neat thing about using git for managing packges sensibly, which is something I was trying to figure out when I was packaging Second Life last year, as well as some cool stuff coming into Debian over the next year or so.

After the Debian Mini-conf all went over to the keysigning (I didn’t go again this year, I wasn’t organised in time) I went to see a presentation about Ingex which is something the BBC have developed to try and take Digital Betamax out of the video production process (since Digital Betamax only works in real-time, as I understand it) with some success so far, and it’s pretty interesting.

Speaking of not being organised in time, I only thought today to look at the Tutorials, and both Wednesday’s tutorial about hooking up hardware to Second Life and Thursday’s tutorial about hacking on lguest require preperation. I was able to grab Jon Oxer at the Debian Mini-conf and get my name put on the one remaining spare development kit, and so now I’m down in the Junior Common Room of Trinity College (no wireless in the rooms yet) updating my blog instead of trying to get lguest running under qemu. I’ll have to go dig up Rusty’s and Robert Love’s instructions from LCA05 preparing for their kernel hacking tutorial that year. Wow. Archiving the old LCA websites kicks ass!

Edit: I actually was dumb on, not #debian. As an aside, I managed to lock myself out of my room again later that week.

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