That's where they are!

As I documented in one of my much earlier blog posts, Where are they now?, I lost nearly four years ago, and Google hits and archived links have been slowing dying/updating every since.

On the weekend just past I got an email from someone telling me they had recently come into possession of, and as the owner of, please click the included link to purchase it. (I only read the email tonight. That’s how far behind I am at life.)

Barely restraining my hopes, I immediately clicked on the link fired up an ssh session to my fileserver and whoised, discovering it to be apparently unregistered.

Continuing to restrain my now burgeoning glee, I went to do my Bubblesworth domain renewals, and idly popped onto the shopping list, almost as if by accident. (No point tempting fate at this point. I’ve had disappear from whois before but be snapped up before I could reclaim it).

$15 later (reseller price. ^_^) I’m the proud once-again owner of, your source for all things TBBle. Although since I’d managed to migrate to and over the past four years, there’s nothing good there. I really need to sort this stuff out.

I stopped restraining my glee at this point, and cheered near my housemate until he woke up and heard about my glee.

And now so have the rest of you. Sans cheering, unless you’re using some kind of Text-To-Speech software which takes a fairly imaginative interpretation of the phrase “Text-To-Speech”. If you are using such a program, let me know. I’ll try and work some more amusing noises into my blog posts.

Anyway, that’s TBBle 1, Evil Domain Registrars Who Jump On Expired .com Domains And Try To Sell Them Back To The Original Owners For $1500 Through A Shell Company In South Africa -$20 (or whatever a registrar pays Verisign for four years squatting).

Also on 0, but having had a bye this round, are Evil Domain Resellers Who Refuse To Process My Credit Card And Refuse To Release My Domain For Transfer Without Some Kind Of Fee They Added To The User Agreement Post Purchase Using One Of Those “We Reserve The Right To Modify This Agreement As We See Fit” Clauses. Recapping the earlier round, it was a draw. I lost one domain, and rescued five others without charge.

I’m gonna need a wider scoreboard…

Edit: That’s not how you spell “amusing” or “restrain”. “Gonna” on the other hand is correct.



Went to see Race tonight. It’s actually not marked on the Hoyts site, but it’s Hindi/English blend with English/nonsense blend subtitles. It’s mentioned on the IMDB front page, but I missed it looking for the comments on the plot. The front page comment was satisfyingly spoiler free, and very positive. Had I noticed that the commenter was Indian, I might have clicked. Ah, hindsight. >_<

As an aside, the Hindi/English mix was interesting. I haven’t seen enough Bollywood films to know if it’s particular to this film or is part of the style (a friend suggested it was the latter) although I noticed while researching this post that one of the actresses doesn’t speak Hindi. I need to learn more languages, at least reaching the point where I can watch movies in Japanese, Cantonese and now Hindi. And of course I wonder if I can possibly swing a research project into a Hindi/English pidgin. A university-funded Bollywood movie collection would be a thing of beauty…

So I took a few friends, all of us completely unprepared. I really should have clicked to it being Bollywood, given I’d noted the Indian director, actors, etc…

On the plus side it’s really good. Turns out that the best way to improve a twisty, turny, windy plot, double-plot, cross and recross fest (ala Wild Things, which I’ve raved about here before) is to have the actors stop to sing and dance about what they’re feeling every so often.

Also, attractive people are important. ^_^ I now have a new secretarial hiring policy, and a new fashion model hiring policy.

These policies remain subserviant to my existing Neve Campbell hiring policy and Mew Azama hiring policy. But not by much. I’m an equal opportunity employer.

I also want to get married in Cape Town, at the registry office.

If you haven’t seen Wild Things or Race, go do so.

Now Playing: Wild Things. My housemate hadn’t seen it! This is a revelation akin to discovering another friend of mine hadn’t seen The Princess Bride. There’s also a Princess Bride Game coming, although I’m a little concerned, after seeing the trailer.

And just in case you didn’t twig, this post’s title is of course related to revelations. I’m not harbingering the end of Bollywood…