People living in glass houses and NSW shouldn't throw stones

On today’s business list for the NSW Legislative Council the first entry is the NSW Attorney General, Mr Hatzistergos, moving to amend the Crimes Act and related acts with respect to throwing rocks at vehicles.

The ABC has a writeup about the intended new law as well as a story about two boys who were arrested for throwing a 2kg rock at a car. The article doesn’t say, but I believe this incident happened yesterday (I heard about it on the radio, along with the new law, this morning).

I’m not going to discuss the idea of a nanny state, childhood violence and/or destructive influences of video games, ’cause I’m actually at work, and don’t have the brain-space for it.

I will try and get the actual text of the law and its eventual fate if I remember to.

I also will have to remember not to go skimming rocks across any trafficked waterways in Sydney

Also, “Sisyphæan”, in case I need it later.

Edit: Googling for nsw bans throwing rocks pulls up knee-jerk from as the fourth hit. ^_^

Edit: Crimes Amendment (Rock Throwing) Bill 2008 is now law.


Tension in Debian changelogs

Holger Levsen wonders what tense people write their changelogs in. Andrew Pollock feels that his tendancy is past-tense.

Looking back over some of mine, FreeRADIUS from a long time ago, and openjpeg more recently, it appears that my preference is to actually write them as untensed fragments. I think I’m answering the question “What does this change do?” from the perspective of the change. This would make sense, mirroring somewhat the comments I put in dpatches (and the overly verbose names that have been known to occur) which are usually the patch talking about itself in the plural. Unless that’s the patch _and_ I talking about ourselves in the plural?