Self-reflection by the light of my range hood

Spent too much time home alone this long weekend… So I made cake.

Ugly cake

Ugly cake

The bowl cleaning was delicious, so I’m sure it’ll taste good. Experience suggests no one else wants to eat my baking (on the grounds it’s usually ugly, and I probably don’t strike people as someone whose infrequent cooking is of a particularly edible standard) so I expect I’ll get it all to myself over the week.

I’d like to suggest this is an allegory for my love life, but I’m not sure that I’m using the word allegory correctly there.

I also stocked up on the ingredients for fudge (family recipie, bears little resemblance to actual fudge) which is much harder to produce ugly.

If anyone cares to leave a comment as to how big a “dessert spoon” is, that’d be most appreciated. I got 10g from the dessert spoons in my drawers, but I’m not totally sure it was enough, and I’d previously suspected (until I tried my new kitchen scales this evening) that it was 20g. Then again, I believe a tablespoon was 25g, and Calorie King informed me ealier today that it’s about 8g.

Oh yeah, I finally bought kitchen scales. And some more video games. Looking for “Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations” but I can only find the first two games and the fourth (of which I have the second and fourth already). Reportedly was released in Australia in 2007, but only hit Europe in 2008 due to a ratings blockage.

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