A marriage of priority and purpose

Now that I’m back on the blogoblong (still my word, a decade later!) I flicked back and did a little bit of cleanup of the blog history.

I made all my ‘food diary’ posts private (self-shaming doesn’t work if you never read it), and passworded my occasional translations of Mew Azama’s old diary (“Mew”), to try take them out of the default view, and am working to rationalise the tags and categories, so am possibly breaking five-year-old permalinks, if anyone felt an entire subsection of my blog was interesting to follow.

Sorry, if you exist.

I also moved from categories to tags, because the latter reflected my tendency to over-subdivide. It was four or five levels deep, many leaf nodes with only one entry…

I also realised that in the 5.5 years between my last blog post in late 2011 and now, various changes happened in my life.

The main priority to mention (and the trigger for writing this ‘aside’ at all, beyond wanting to try out the ‘aside’ option) is that I married Trang, the “indescribably cute English teacher” I mentioned once. Still working on a description, but a photo may suffice.


See how out-of-focus she is? That’s why she’s indescribable.

Which was actually my purpose on moving to Viet Nam in the first place — Trang specifically, not marriage in general.

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