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TBBle Scarry’s Busy, Busy Weekend

Often my weekends start out with grandiose plans of what I might try and get done.

This weekend (and the preceding evenings I guess) saw me produce a Wine patch I was only playing with out of interest but which turns out to affect Warhammer Online, although I didn’t know it until after I implemented the patch, and a WIne patch I’ve been meaning to prototype for a while using XInput 2 to fix a long-standing Wine bug which also affects Warhammer Online.

I also got back to watching Life On Mars, although I’ve only managed one episode and a bit. It’s pretty damned good.

I also decided to make gyoza, as I have fond, alcohol-supported memories of the last time I made them.

I managed to lazy my cooking even more than usual. I’m using a recipe I picked up last time I made them off a site called The Food Palate by Deborah Rodrigo, whom Google has since informed me is from Sydney but both that site and her personal blog appear to have fallen off the Internet, sadly. However, I distilled (with the help of Kirky at work) the ingredients down to this:

Ginger, chives, chili flakes, coriander, garlic, sesame seed oil, soy sauce for dumplings, and gyoza skins

Ginger, chives, chili flakes, coriander, garlic, sesame seed oil, soy sauce for dumplings, and gyoza skins

Adding half a kilo of lean pork mince, and about a half-hour, you get:

30 gyoza, freezer-bound

So not as bad as the ugly cake I made recently, but still not spectacular. And unlike the cake, I don’t yet know if these turn out to be poison or not.

I expect that they’ll be delicious, and not even slightly poisonous. And unlike my cake, I’m not going to try to share them with anyone. ^_^

It could be worse, at least I seem to have not managed to poison my housemate’s lizards, Prime and Grimlock, whom I’ve been feeding while he’s away this weekend. I’m not sure how I could get “put grasshoppers into the box” wrong, but I don’t think I did. I think they’re pretty neat names for lizards, reflecting Mick’s inner geek, and his outer geek, although Prime seems to be larger than Grimlock which is to the best of my knowledge the wrong way ’round.

I was going to try and leverage in a rant about characters in children’s books with alliterative names at this point, and observe that one of my favorite authors as a young child, Richard Scarry happened to avoid that, but upon actually looking him up, I realise the characters whose names I’d forgotten quite often had alliterative names. The characters I remembered still had non-alliterative names, so it’s not as bad as some authors I can’t be bothered remembering, but I’ll chalk that one up as being disappointed by a childhood memory.

A less disappointing childhood memory turns out to be Piers Anthony‘s Incarnations of Immortality series. I read the series when I was quite young, and I’m only re-reading the first one at the moment, but it reminds me how good a writer he is, and why I loved his books so much as a child. Also because he’s alphabetically early on the shelves. I don’t know why I seem to do that. I think when I’m picking a new series, I start at the beginning and go until I’ve chosen one. So that favours the alphabetically early.

I’ve managed to get a whole bunch of reading done recently, which is good. Sadly, Borders now wants me to pay $7 on a $14 book to order it in from overseas, and it turns out most of the series I’m following keenly enough to actually order books are on that list, so I may end up having to do an Amazon order. Which is annoying, because I’m also looking for some DS games: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations appears to be discontinued in Australia and the US, and Impossible Mission never seems to have been released here at all. Along with wanting Race on DVD, I have a fair bit of overseas shopping to do, and the local financial climate is not exactly conducive to that. -_-

Anyway, the above is my documentation supporting why I should not be left alone for days at a time. ^_^

Edit: Fix images after changing hosting.


Self-reflection by the light of my range hood

Spent too much time home alone this long weekend… So I made cake.

Ugly cake

Ugly cake

The bowl cleaning was delicious, so I’m sure it’ll taste good. Experience suggests no one else wants to eat my baking (on the grounds it’s usually ugly, and I probably don’t strike people as someone whose infrequent cooking is of a particularly edible standard) so I expect I’ll get it all to myself over the week.

I’d like to suggest this is an allegory for my love life, but I’m not sure that I’m using the word allegory correctly there.

I also stocked up on the ingredients for fudge (family recipie, bears little resemblance to actual fudge) which is much harder to produce ugly.

If anyone cares to leave a comment as to how big a “dessert spoon” is, that’d be most appreciated. I got 10g from the dessert spoons in my drawers, but I’m not totally sure it was enough, and I’d previously suspected (until I tried my new kitchen scales this evening) that it was 20g. Then again, I believe a tablespoon was 25g, and Calorie King informed me ealier today that it’s about 8g.

Oh yeah, I finally bought kitchen scales. And some more video games. Looking for “Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations” but I can only find the first two games and the fourth (of which I have the second and fourth already). Reportedly was released in Australia in 2007, but only hit Europe in 2008 due to a ratings blockage.


One less excuse

My mother pointed me at CalorieKing Australia which is a web site for helping with weight loss.

I’ll be using this to track my food intake and what little exercise I do. I’m quite hopeful, given its large-looking food database. So far there’s not much I’ve had to add (the kangaroo meat I’ve been eating the main thing missing, and their Home Brand range seems rather small. In the latter case, I’m picking the things I believe are the branded equivalents.

I’ll see how it goes, anyway. One of my weight-loss complaints was that it was all too hard to manage. This site has a menu-suggesting thing, and has an option to exclude all dairy items, so once I’m organised a bit and have gotten through the stuff in my cupboard, I might see how the suggested meals turn out.

It also lets you input nutritional targets and such, and provides some defaults, so I can get a good idea of my fat and protein intake (keeping them down) and my calcium intake (keeping it up). I was disappointed to see that the goat’s cheese I get doesn’t have a calcium value on the packet or the site, and it also about half my daily fat intake. So I’ll be drinking more of the chocolate VitaSoy drink, which turns out to be a healthier way of getting my 1g of calcium a day. (That’s a whole litre. I’ll have to start taking it to work again. Horrors! ^_^)

The only issue I have with it so far is that I have to add a food to my daily record to see its statistics. So when trying to work out what to have for dinner tonight, I had to keep throwing combinations at it until something came up that balance out well. That’s mainly because I had a pretty awful lunch though. ^_^

The site has a built-in blog system, but I don’t see an option to just auto-publish my meals. I’d like to do that… I’m not sure why.

Edit: Carefully hidden away in the account options, my meal diary is now online.

Edit: That’s not how you spell CalorieKing


All juiced out and nowhere to go

I’m out of juice

In other news… Finally upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.0.3 and Spam Karma 2.2r3. Also decided to celebrate with a new theme, blog.txt. It’s OK so far, apart from the title sizing… Dunno if I’ll stick with it yet.

The actual content of this post is twofold… I used CurlFtpFS (A FUSE-based filesystem) to update the site. I chose CurlFtpFS over Fuseftp because the latter consistently failed to handle vimdiff. ^_^

Happily, on Debian, it was easy to set up. m-a a-i fuse gave me the fuse kernel modules, and then grabbing the CurlFtpFS Debian package.

The main disadvantage is that you can’t see the FUSE-mounted share from my windows box over Samba… This may just be a permissions thing, as I can follow symlinks across filesystem mounts OK, although I didn’t used to be able to.

The other fold is that I finally started my exercise regime. Tonight, about a half-hour on Stepmania, for 14 three-foot songs and a four-foot song. I’m working alphabetically through the list of songs at three-feet, and then my last set of the three for the night is whatever I feel like. And tonight I was in a Bubble Bobble, そばかす and WITCH DOCTOR mood.

Most frustrating song of the night was Beyblade 2000 – Off the Chains, the BPM seemed to be tuned to the rappers, not the actual beats. On the other hand, most frustrating in a good way was Cowboy Bebop – Tank [Para Para mix], 307BPM of surprise steps. Fun. ^_^

Final good news, the author of the Top 10 posts plugins noticed my updates. I was linked from a blog that shows up in the WordPress Dashboard. ^_^

Meh, a few other things going on, I should be able to blog about them later this week. >_<

Edit: Back to Ocadia. Also, I bought juice. ^_^


Maginnis Magee

Light in Dark Corners: My Dad wrote this, and it’s really really good. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and highly recommend it. ^_^
Syriana: The movie was actually really good, but I felt bad after seeing it. It’s a sad and scary world we live in, and that’s over here on the easy side of it.
The AppleCare Protection Plan turns out to be good for keeping my laptop running.Since putting this into place, my laptop’s not once dropped dead from overheating… I actually suspect if I’d configured the power settings properly this wouldn’t be neccessary.

AppleCare Protection Plan 2AppleCare Protection Plan 1

That’s actually the display box. We’re an Apple reseller of some kind at CBIT, but due to lack of a front counter while the construction work happens out the back, all the display boxes are in my offfice…

Oh, the pain… I’m sitting here working on this entry at home, and the damn thing overheats. >_< I prolly should add a temperature sensor output of some kind to my desktop… Or at least bring the AppleCare Protection Plan home with me…

At least, I’ve a belly full of dairy-free pizza. Good on Dominos for publishing their list of allergens. ^_^

Edit: I forgot to give this post a clever title… I think this one’s fitting. ^_^

Edit: Fix images


Things to do in your loungeroom when you're broke

Meh. There’s another weekend spent doing very little. And for a change, this didn’t involve me spending any time either playing video games, or on IRC.

I took a troll through Planet Linux Australia (and also remembered to submit my blog there again…) and came up with the following links, for your eddification and mine:

So what else have I been doing? Well, I played with Google Maps until I identifed my current home, and the CBIT offices, although the latter’s photo is slightly old now, as there’s a sort of overhang thing over the entrance now.

I finished Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison. Happily, the next book in the series is due out in June… Although lord knows how long it’ll take to get here. I also this week finished The Shining City by Kate Forsyth. Sequel also due mid-year, and she’s Australian so I am more hopeful of seeing it before next summer… I prolly should go to one of those ‘enter my books’ sites and record for posterity just how many books I’ve spent my rent-money on.

Speaking of rent-money, I’m at the broke end of the week, so went last night and spent $32 on food until Wednesday. This covered four pot-noodles, five microwave paster dinners, and five bottles of Caffiene-Free Diet Coke. Also some lollies, to cover sugar-cravings. Mind you, I haven’t eaten yet today… Hmm, I’d better do that soon.

Of course, you can’t waste a weekend if you have no plans. And this weekend, I was supposed to finish the new CBIT Internet Customer Administration interface… It’s neat, and AJAXified (using the very neat xajax PHP-based setup) and the only thing I did on this this weekend was fix a problem I was having with Internet Explorer 6 on Windows. I couldn’t do this at work, because I’m developing under Linux on my PowerBook.

OK, I guess that’s not all I did. I spent a few hours screwing with wine, trying trying get IE6 going under Win2K-mode (partly for the AJAX stuff, partly so I could run QuickBooks). I’ve gotten IE6 installed, but it seems to barf when making the AJAX calls, not to mention needing to be Ctrl-C’d when presenting a username/password box.

In the end, I grabbed the IEs 4 Linux script, which installed IE6 in it’s own WINEPREFIX, like a charm. I’m well pleased with it. ^_^

I’m also gonna grab Opera to test the site against. Happily, not only do they have an Apt repository, they’ve also got a public beta program which includes Linux-PPC support. ^_^ This is really how commercial, closed-source software should be addressing the Linux community.

Also, Opera for Nintendo DS. I mean, like, wow.

Also wow, ABC’s podcasts. I wonder if they’ll do video podcasting soon? Not that I’m watching or listening to any podcasts, but…

I also wasted a few hours this weekend watching the latest episodes of TV shows from the US. Thinking about it, I watch: Battlestar Galactica, Boston Legal and House MD. I also watch Dr Who and Tripping The Rift when it’s on… I know that Apple now sells TV episodes over their iPod store, and so I feel like I should be paying something to watch these shows, but I dunno what they’re charging. I’d happily pay 50c per episode. I dunno if I’d pay more than that, though. Maybe if I had a better viewing setup, or planned on keeping the files and watching them again…

I also watched the Casanova BBC Miniseries last weekend. It was really really really good. ^_^ I was kinda iffy about the Heath Ledger movie, but Margaret and David thought it was leave-your-brain-at-the-door funny, and I’m now willing to give it a burl.

Hmm. I wish I was a large software corporation, so I could go try and do what Loki failed to do, but instead of buying the license and selling the game, I’d contract to the publishing houses to port the game for them, kind of like how many Mac-ported games seem to be done. I _really_ want to play GuildWars, but it doesn’t yet work in wine, and don’t want to reboot to Windows to do so. I _might_ give a burl to this partial success report for GuldWars on Wine…

And fun as Battle for Wesnoth is, I’m awful at it.


Once upon a time in California

Saw “The Legend of Zorro” tonight with Bek and Sean. It was… interesting. A few fairly good fight scenes, with some nonsense in between to bulk out the movie. Bek and Sean commented that the movie could have done with some cutting, although really it was obvious that it had already had a fair bit of scissor-work taken to it. Particularly when one character says to another “As you said, ‘You never see the one you love, you only see what you wish to see'” or words to that effect. Either I dozed off, or they cut the scene where the character in question actually says that. Maybe the actors decided the script was too long and coherent, and decided to adlib a bit. Who knows? It’ll prolly be put back for the DVD, mind you. Then again, they _could_ decide to explore this particular editing path further on the DVD…

The Legend Of Zorro: Zorro rides again in this blockbuster movie! Can Zorro defend the poor, downtrodden Spanish peasants of California from the evil French Count and his soap? Or will the Frenchman’s wine prove too much for our hero?

Anyway, various interesting swordfights and similar. Apparently Catherine Zeta Jones learnt that one-inch punch from Kill Bill Vol. 2

Previews of Aeon Flux (it looks cool, it had better be cool, or there’ll be much crying and gnashing of teeth), Just Friends (Depressing, given my history… >_<) and Casanova (Looks amusing, but I’d rather watch the BBC miniseries I think. I’m sorry I missed it on the ABC late last year… I don’t suppose anyone taped it?)

In other news, I got to the interview stage for the JET program. I’m not sure why they sent the notice to my mother’s house, but there it is. Interview sometime in February, they’re gonna call.

I got a phonecall from Melbourne yesterday afternoon… If that was JET, I’m confused as to why they called from Melbourne. If that’s someone reading this, call again. I got no voice mail and my phone’s phonebook didn’t recognise the number. ^_^

I have to get the international roaming activated for my phone, on that topic. I’d die without a mobile in New Zealand. I’ll prolly die when I see the phone bill. History suggests I make long phonecalls back to Canberra whenever I travel. On the plus side, calling me costs me 26c flat rate, so I’m as contactable as alays.

I’m all excited about the New Zealand trip. I’ve got all the accomodation worked out now, staying in Kiwi’s Nest about three blocks from the university on the Friday and Saturday night, and at the university for the rest of the trip. I am also worried what CBIT will do without me, as the promised webadmin interface is not ready. Maybe I’ll have a nice productive programming day tomorrow? The fact that I’m working on my blog at 1am suggests not…

On a side note, I think I’ve discovered Smilex… I can eat any one of sardines, tomatoes, tomato sauce, onion, curry powder, chillis, and noodles, but combine then together into a dish, the name of which escapes me (It looks like red sludge with noodles mixed in) and I have an upset stomach the next day. A friend pointed out that he’s allergic to tomatoes, so I wonder if I am too… They’re c