Internet on Internet action: Routing around the bad to (speech-)recognise the good

Hmm, time to resurrect an old posting format…

The Internet — automatically routing around damage such as a DMCA from Apple.
Storyline patents — Everytime I think the world has dug itself to rock-bottom, someone hits me on the back of the head with a shovel.
Kotodama, a video game research prototype for teaching Japanese to anime fans — Now this is where I’d like to be taking my university education… I wonder where the project’s going, and how I can get onboard… And of course, this led me to Julius, a speech-recognition system that I wish I had time to play with.

Thanks to Hellblazer via Slashdot for the heads-up on the patent.

Slashdot is prolly also the viaduct via which I got the Kotodama link, as well as a reminder about the Linux-based GP2X portable gaming doodad, and AnoNet, like FreeNet but built from VPN and SSH tunnels which leave you in control of your own machine’s actions. I guess the difference is that on AnoNet, if someone does work out who you are and they seize your equipment, you don’t have the I didn’t know that was on there defense you get from FreeNet. There’s also the issue that, if you do something heinous enough, such that international authorities can co-operate on it, then you can be tracked down.

One of the things AnoNet’s Wikipedia entry suggests would be a good thing to protect on AnoNet is bnetd, the Server that Blizzard Entertainment had shutdown in the US. Mind you, even on the regular Internet finding bnetd source was as easy as following the link from the bnetd Wikipedia entry, once again demonstrating how the Internet routes around damage. ^_^


The power (or lack thereof) of QT4: LCA Tutorials Morning

Overnight interlude: Talked to rene, he didn’t seem enthused about a dscape package, so I’ll do it myself (based on his code. ^_^). Also, halfway through S.O.S. I really just want to hit Irie-san with something… Gah!

LCA2006 conference opening this morning. As I’d gleaned from the Rough Guide to New Zealand, it is unexpectedly hot. This place looks more and more tempting, although the Internet link (NZ – Spiritual home of IP over Carrier Pigeon according to one wag) scares me.

QT4 tutorial this morning. Not a lot to say, lots of concentrating on slides. However, I did observe a serious problem that I was not expecting… They’ve not supplied a single power board, and the powerpoints in Castle 1 are even more dearth than at the ANU. Castle 2 (where the Debian miniconf was) is excellently appointed for powerpoints, on the other hand. On the gripping hand, this was my main contribution to the pre-LCA network survery they undertook… Oh well, I’ll see if I can go make noise on IRC or something…

Well, maybe I’ll say something about QT4. I’ve not done any GUI programming before, so it’s both interesting, and looks like a lot of work. Much as I can read and understand C++, I think I’d be more comfortable doing it in perl or similar. Also, the presenter moved quite quickly, so I suspect this was aimed slightly over my head (although I could follow what was going on, I certainly couldn’t be aping him as we went. I guess I was spoilt by Rusty and Robert’s kernel module tutorial last year… Maybe it’s like The Princess Bride in that it’s a beloved movie, but for many people watching it years later pales in comparison to their fond memories… Although neither the kernel module tutorial nor The Princess Bride have paled in my memory yet.

Oh yeah. And I had to keep stopping to apt-get install things during the tutorial. We were told we’d need qt4 w/sqlite support (qt4-dev and qt4-sql), nothing was mentioned of the Assistant (qt4-doc qt4-dev-tools) Designer (qt4-designer) nor the SQLite client (sqlite3) and admittedly the first and last are optional. I guess the presenter assumed we’d be fetching qt4.1 from source and installing it…

Morning tea: Rene’s online, and _is_ working on a dscape packageset. ^_^ And in completely unrelated seen-on-IRC news: OpenJazz Jazz Jackrabbit 1 reimplementation (uses original tilesets etc)…Someone’s started porting it to the Nintendo DS. More on this after I find cookies or something.

Also during morning tea, I was roped into coming to the Perl BOF on Thursday afternoon. Although there’s several BOFs on I’m interested in, the perl6 talk from Monday has me all Perl-enthused right now. Especially if it means I can sensibly resurrect my SOAP server for CBIT, and send out my auto-emails without the evils of perl5’s format code. (This modules implements Exegesis 7, although I think what Damian described on Monday was slightly different. There’s no Synopsis 7 yet either. -_-

More QT4. I18n support’s there and easy to use programatically, although they apparently expect literals in UTF-16… The suggestion is to work in latin1 and just provide a translation for the target language to start with. This is prolly a quite sensible idea in general, as it allows your documentation writers to rewrite the text in the interface as needed, and lets the programming team leave the messages in the untranslated version in a format and phrasing useful to them, which as everybody knows is rather different from the way users work. Who is General Protection and why did his mistake crash my program?

This reminds me of a neat thing an IRC friend of mine once showed me that she was working on for a games company. She’d managed to independently re-implement po (in fact, it looked more like the QT4 i18n does, now I’ve seen it) for Visual Studio programs, while extending it to not just text, but all kinds of resources, drop-in-able with DLLs. So graphics with embedded text, video, audio and country-specific non-language things were all trivially handleable by their l10n teams. I bet it was doing encryption too, from my experience with Japanese games’ text resources.

Wow, haven’t seen or heard from her since the fall of #pgsm to TVNihon… One of the sadly few IRC friends I have who get my programming stuff, my linux stuff, my anime stuff, my random Japanese stuff, and was still genki in the morning. ^_^

News flash! Trolltech has announced that US spelling is indeed wrong… In some cases internationalization is simple, for example, making a US application accessible to Australian or British users may require little more than a few spelling corrections. ^_^

Lunch: Seen on Planet 2006: Splashpower, an induction-charger for mobile devices. According to Arjen Lentz they’re in discussions with distributors. Amusingly, each submenu on their site has a picture at the top of someone who stuck the little metal strip to their foot and then walked across the pad. Possibly this could supplant firewalking as a harmless but dangerous-looking power-activity (or would that be extreme walking?) of the future.

Also lunch: I finally understand why the power-point cable on my PowerBook’s adaptor comes off. You can replace it with a plug, which is almost as neat a solution as the retractable version I was talking to Jez about last week. I wonder if that’s something I need to poke my boss about, or if it’s an optional extra…

Once upon a time in California

Saw “The Legend of Zorro” tonight with Bek and Sean. It was… interesting. A few fairly good fight scenes, with some nonsense in between to bulk out the movie. Bek and Sean commented that the movie could have done with some cutting, although really it was obvious that it had already had a fair bit of scissor-work taken to it. Particularly when one character says to another “As you said, ‘You never see the one you love, you only see what you wish to see'” or words to that effect. Either I dozed off, or they cut the scene where the character in question actually says that. Maybe the actors decided the script was too long and coherent, and decided to adlib a bit. Who knows? It’ll prolly be put back for the DVD, mind you. Then again, they _could_ decide to explore this particular editing path further on the DVD…

The Legend Of Zorro: Zorro rides again in this blockbuster movie! Can Zorro defend the poor, downtrodden Spanish peasants of California from the evil French Count and his soap? Or will the Frenchman’s wine prove too much for our hero?

Anyway, various interesting swordfights and similar. Apparently Catherine Zeta Jones learnt that one-inch punch from Kill Bill Vol. 2

Previews of Aeon Flux (it looks cool, it had better be cool, or there’ll be much crying and gnashing of teeth), Just Friends (Depressing, given my history… >_<) and Casanova (Looks amusing, but I’d rather watch the BBC miniseries I think. I’m sorry I missed it on the ABC late last year… I don’t suppose anyone taped it?)

In other news, I got to the interview stage for the JET program. I’m not sure why they sent the notice to my mother’s house, but there it is. Interview sometime in February, they’re gonna call.

I got a phonecall from Melbourne yesterday afternoon… If that was JET, I’m confused as to why they called from Melbourne. If that’s someone reading this, call again. I got no voice mail and my phone’s phonebook didn’t recognise the number. ^_^

I have to get the international roaming activated for my phone, on that topic. I’d die without a mobile in New Zealand. I’ll prolly die when I see the phone bill. History suggests I make long phonecalls back to Canberra whenever I travel. On the plus side, calling me costs me 26c flat rate, so I’m as contactable as always.

I’m all excited about the New Zealand trip. I’ve got all the accomodation worked out now, staying in Kiwi’s Nest about three blocks from the university on the Friday and Saturday night, and at the university for the rest of the trip. I am also worried what CBIT will do without me, as the promised webadmin interface is not ready. Maybe I’ll have a nice productive programming day tomorrow? The fact that I’m working on my blog at 1am suggests not…

On a side note, I think I’ve discovered Smilex… I can eat any one of sardines, tomatoes, tomato sauce, onion, curry powder, chillis, and noodles, but combine then together into a dish, the name of which escapes me (It looks like red sludge with noodles mixed in) and I have an upset stomach the next day. A friend pointed out that he’s allergic to tomatoes, so I wonder if I am too… They’re c

The best laid plans

Wow. I sneeze, a few months pass, and life turns upside down…

安座間美優 2006年度 カレンダー

Firstly, obviously no The Other Day’s Mews posted. I’ve got backlogs ahoihoi (although I’m missing about a month from October 3rd through November 11th) which I might have to start cherry-picking just to get them up.

Still, I got my 2006 Mew Calendar from AmazonJP. It was too expensive to ship by itself (shipping was significantly more than the calendar. >_<) but then I decided to buy myself an LPIC I book, and found a friend who wanted some stuff, so it came out quite cheaply. (Pictures and links at bottom of post)

I need the LPIC I book because I’m going to 2006 in New Zealand later this month, and will be sitting two LPI level 1 exams there. I’m really looking forward to it, I had soo much fun last year. And I’ve never been overseas before (over strait, technically), so I’ve now got my first ever passport.

The passport was surprisingly quick to get. I had most of the paperwork already, and put the application in on the 23rd of December, and when I got back from Queensland, it came by registered mail on the 6th of January. And my mother was worried that I’d be hard-pressed to get it before I left for New Zealand if I put it in in December. There’s an online tracking system, but I never got to try it, because I was in Queensland, as I mentioned.

I was in Queensland from the 30th of December until the 5th of January. I went up with my mum, step-father and sister for my youngest uncle’s wedding. It was a nice wedding (outdoors, on a jetty-type thing the name of which escapes me) at a golf resort near the Gold Coast. And I use “near” loosely. For Queenslanders, it’s near. For a Canberran like me, it was half-way to Sydney. It was also very hot, and very humid. I basically did two things in Queensland apart from the wedding, play video games and sweat. I also saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (good!) and Fun With Dick and Jane (also good!). Many of our family members (now numbering 33 in Lyall the clan) had t-shirts and such made up with “I got Lyalled at the Wedding of the Century” and “Lyallfest 05/06” on them. They were very cool, and slightly silly. Which seems appropriate somehow. It was an idea that came up after a little too much booze at the Lyall Christmas Party.

Christmas was fun, visited cousin’s new place on Christmas Eve, spent night at Mum’s place, visited Dad and grandparents in the morning, backto Mum’s for lunch. Roast, of course. ^_^ A nice relaxing time after the hectic chaos of the preceeding two months, and my new job.

Yup, I’ve gained another new job. I also got rid of two, so I’m actually not doing too badly for a change. At the end of October, Bandwidth Unlimited folded, much to my shock, despair and disappointment. CBIT (note the new category!) bought the customers and equipment, and while I was there getting all the systems transferred over, they offered me the job of Internet Operations Manager for CBIT Internet. From then until now (and onwards into the future) I’ve been working flat-out with my old BU job, Richard’s BU job, and all the jobs we both weren’t doing. (Which possibly explains why BU folded…) If that sounds too much, it is. Luckily, CBIT’s already been doing Internet (reselling BU since May) so a lot of the sales and management infrastructure is in place, so it’s not like I’m doing it myself. And it’s a chance for me to reshape all the things that were wrong with BU because I didn’t have the time to fix them. The main worry I have with CBIT is what happens if I get into the JET program and leave in July

I applied for JET in December, haven’t yet heard if I got an interview. I did spend a hectic morning photocopying and getting signed various documents. The ANU Union’s JP was away that day, so it was more hectic than I expected. Happily, the ANU Student Admin had a JP on the front desk who could sign things during quiet periods. So I’ve applied, and have references from Steve Thiele of TransACT and Ikeda-sensei of the ANU Japan Centre. I think I’m in with a good chance, but then again I always think that. ^_^

My Debian NM application was finally processed to the policy and procedures stage (which is to say, I got a AM assigned to me) in the first week of November. This of course was the week I started at CBIT, so I had to place it on hold while I got things organised there. It’s still on hold. I was hoping to have it done before linuxconf, but such is life. I’d still like to submit my next _stage_ by linuxconf, but part of the task is rereading policy. That’s a thick thick document, and I’m still working on my LPI ExamCram book. If I get the stuff in, I think I’m in with a good chance there too, although the FreeRADIUS package has been suffering a bit of neglect. Luckily, it hasn’t needed a lot of attention, although 1.1.0 is going to be released this week so I’ll need to get that uploaded.

I think that’s all I’ve done in the last couple of months. It seemed more at the time. Anyway, I’m back on IRC at nights after nearly two months absense, and I’m now hanging around the Whirlpool Forums particularly TransACT (professionally) and Linux/BSD (lifestyle). ^_^

For Christmas, I scored Red Dward VI, Red Dwarf VII, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy movie.. AmazonJP doesn’t list the latter two yet.

Red Dwarf: Series 6 (2pc)
Lpic I Exam Cram 2 (Exam Cram 2)

A little planet is a dangerous thing

I had a quick wander through Planet Debian and it took to on to such interesting things as progress shots on a graphical Debian-Installer (Not actually from Planet Debian, but I can’t work out where I saw that now), some very funny Sinfest mods (If you’re a Debian person..), an absolute dream-sounding job (Yes, those two’re the same blog. She’s got some good stuff there. Including a capcha that apparently expects you to type ϖ…), A commentary against the patch-management systems that have started be become quite common in Debian, and to which I converted FreeRADIUS as my first post-Sarge task, personally implanted RFID chips, and musical breast implants.

The weirdest thing about that last one is the idea that fifteen years from now, we’ll still be playing mp3s. Hell, an observable percentage of people I know are either .ogg or .flac already. I myself stopped downloading mp3s because I’ve had two hard disks fail from what I suspect was the weight of my mp3 collections. And my laptop only had the most essential 100 Mb or so of mp3s (Cowboy Bebop, Andrew Denton’s Musical Challenge and a couple of random bits like the Blues Brothers’ Everybody Needs Somebody and Abbot and Costello’s Who’s On First. And ガガガSP’s 卒業 single, but I don’t listen to that very often. In fact, I don’t listen to any of these mp3s much anymore. My desktop machine’s no longer in front of a west-facing window, and I’m not towing my laptop to work in the upstairs basement at TransACT anymore.

I’ve also ripped my new Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy soundtrack to flac, because either mplayer or copy protection (it doesn’t say CD Audio on the cover! Aha! Treachery uncloaked!) means it skips every second in my DVD drive. I don’t have a CD-audio cable, so analog isn’t an option, but happily cdparanoia was happy to extract it perfectly to the hard disk. Analog mode works fine in my laptop, but I avoid doing that because I’m sure that the laptop’s DVD drive is dodgy and just waiting to eat something important.

Oh, and I scored a new TV. Well, technically my dad gave me an old TV of his, but it’s an improvement over my old one because it’s larger, it has OSD, it has a remote, and it has AV inputs. So I plugged my gamecube in, and played Resident Evil Zero for a couple of hours. I only get Resident Evil Zero out when I change TVs, it seems (it was still in the gamecube from when I was getting my TV Tuner working in Linux) but the TV doesn’t do PAL60 so I can’t have another burl at The Ocarina Of Time, although I could try and finish Metroid Prime at long last.

On a more personal note, it’s looking more and more like the work at TransACT’s dried up, and I’m starting to think I should start seriously exploring my Melbourne options. I’ve got the JET information evening on Wednesday night, so I’ll have an idea of how many people I’m going up against.

I prolly should talk more about the Melbourne plan here. As it happens, I dropped out of everything else to focus on BU and TransACT, and now that work looks like it’s going to dry up. I can do my BU work as easily from interstate as I do now (technically, I do the work from my flat in Queanbeyan, so I’m already interstate) and frankly I’d like to try living somewhere with trains and other such public transport and try getting a job I actually like (TransACT’s nice, but I need a change). So I figure either Melbourne or Sydney fits so far. I’ve friends in both cities, as well as family in Melbourne, so it’ll come down to the job opportunities. Melbourne’s main advantages are Cybersource whom a friend of mine mentioned are likely to be looking for people, as well as a project a friend of mine is looking into which I’d love to get involved in. When I thought I’d have TransACT work until the end of the year, I was thinking I’d go to Melbourne in February (after 2006) and find a five month job until JET blasts off in July. Now I’m thinking maybe I should be looking to go in December/January… The problem with this plan is that I’ve got a possibly opportunity coming up in Canberra in online shops, and I’d have to break lease on my current flat. And I don’t have any savings to afford to be in Melbourne without a job. And it’s already mid-October. So I’d better get on with it.

On the “actually getting things done” front, I finally submitted a FreeRADIUS 1.0.5-2 which should clear the logjam 1.0.5-1 became when libltdl3-dev started conflicting with libtool1.4 without warning. I’m disappointed in this back-door method of forcing libtool1.4 out, where either a Replaces in libltdl3-dev or a diversion in libtool1.4 would have allowed the libltdl3-dev/libtool transfer of ltdl.m4 without boning me unneccessarily. As it is, the solution became to drag in the relevant parts of the libtool1.4 package to update the in-tree versions of the files. This is bad, but I can’t NMU libtool1.4, and the patch I was given to upgrade FreeRADIUS to libtool 1.5 was unneccesarily intrusive to my mind, and I couldn’t distill the libtool parts from the ‘change how we build the package’ parts.

I’ve also been actively hunting bugs in packages I’m using, leading to patches to libpam-mount (So I can mount my home directory from Keitarou on Mutsumi from XDM and safe from segfaults due to configuration), lftp (so it doesn’t abort when a download finishes ^_^ Upstream didn’t use my patch, but it _was_ a minimal — but not optimal — solution which neatly explicated the problem, I think) and xmame (so I can use xmame with programs with CHD files). In the process, I also submitted bugs to pam and liblircclient0 which are simple non-crashers that valgrind picked up. I’m so glad I started using valgrind, it’s the absolute bee’s knees for finding any kind of memory misuse bug which might otherwise lead to a segfault much later. I also used it on libnifi which majorly improved my memory management and stopped a whole bunch of segfaults. ^_^ I also took the opportunity tonight to point out to the php4 team that libcurl3-dev had disappeared during its autobuild time, much as libltdl3-dev broke FreeRADIUS during its autobuild time. It happened a week ago, so I expect they knew about it, but I was surprised to see absolutely no bug about it.

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana

Hmm, time for my daily update… O_O

OK. What happened in the last three months?

I’ve left ActewAGL now. The projects have been handed over more or less, and therefore hopefully no longer my problem. I hope that doesn’t mean they become no one’s problem, but I guess I’ll not know. Now my only remaining work is for BU.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing some work at cbit, getting the web interface for the SOAP stuff I talked about below (months ago ^_^) going. They’d started one, but the guy doing the work has now been deployed somewhere else And when I say some work, I mean that took me about a week, and so far this week (it’s been short, public holiday on Monday) I’ve just slacked off in the office, waiting for the web interface to break. Lots of time on IRC and email and it’s been a good chance to do some reading. I’ve been reading up on integrating Linux into a Win2K AD Domain, preparing for my return to TransACT, subcontracting via BU.

I did a couple of months at TransACT, and am currently waiting on approval to do more time there. Working on an interesting project, and a less-than-interesting project. Happily, TransACT’s standardised on Debian GNU/Linux as their Linux platform. I like to think I helped that by spreading as many Redhat scare stories as possible in my time there. ^_^ I was originally doing two-and-a-half days a week due to university commitments, but am now available full time…

I enrolled, started, and pulled out again from the ANU. I’ve finally bitten the bullet, and decided I’m not going to get through my final Japanese studies without spending some time there. I’ve applied for an eighteen-month deferment so I can do JET from August 2006, and be back roughly in time for semester two, 2007. I’m disappointed, I made a good run of it for the first four or five weeks, and that segues neatly into my next topic:

I had a four-week bout of depression. I basically only left the house every couple of days to buy more food, and when ActewAGL called me up to come in and do the handover. This was two weeks of uni, and then the two weeks of the lecture break, so a lot of lost work-time. Turns out that I’d neatly finished the TransACT pre-approved work, although I didn’t discover this until three weeks in. I’m seeing the ANU Counselling Centre, which has been helping, as well as making what changes I can myself, including divesting responsibilities. I knew I had too many responsibilities, and it was highlighted by how good I felt when I went to Melbourne and put everything else on hold for the weekend I was there, during these four weeks.

I went to Melbourne for a weekend, to visit friends — Anna and Naoko. Phil and Emma were unfortunately out of town at Phil’s mother’s wedding (Congrats to her) — as well as visit my sister and see her in the MedRevue. It was really really really funny. I laughed so hard. ^_^
I had a good time in Melbourne, it was nice to be out and about without any particular responsibilities. I saw Sin City — Yes, I went to Melbourne and went to the cinema, by myself — ate all kinds of bad for me but very tasty foods, and took mobile phone photos of the places I ate. I need to post them somewhere. I really think that weekend without commitments was a really helpful guide as to how I could break out of the depression cycle I’d gotten into. The only downsides of the weekend were the bus ride from the train station at Cootamunda to Canberra (I enjoyed the train ride from Melbourne to Cootamundra, mind you, prolly more than I enjoy even flying) and the fact that I was out of town for the convention.

Despite my best efforts to avoid responsibility in the conventions, after my poor performance as Events Co-ordinator for, I became Sponsorship and Vendors Co-ordinator for, although I was going to be out of town on the day. I did a pretty pitiful job of that, and probably will go down as the only Sponsorship Co-ordinator who ever managed to get nothing out of Madman for an anime convention. The convention itself went quite well, by all reports, and I’m currently Events Co-ordinator (“in charge”) of, in November (No one noticed this discrepancy for about a month. I originally coined the moniker because we were not sure if we were going to be November or December, kept it because it has a nice seasonal sound to it, and overlooked the fact that November is actually in Spring.) This convention’s been a lot better organised, in large part because we’ve given ourselves a month longer to prepare, and because we’ve picked up a couple of enthusiastic people to look after promotions, volunteers and the website, which were noticably absent from until the week before it was actually happening. Hmm. Now I think about it, the first day I skipped any classes at the start of my depression was the day I met with the just-mentioned enthusiastic people to bring them up to speed on what they’d let themselves in for… Prolly a co-incidence. The meeting was after my skipped class after all. These same people look like stepping up to doing stuff on the ANUAS exec at this year’s AGM, too.

The ANUAS has of course been running along like the large locomotive of anime viewing that it is. I’ve managed to not derail it with a stance of “do as little as possible” which really should have been my presidential election platform. One new thing I’ve introduced is “Saturday Afternoon Drama”, where we hold a marathon screening of a live-action series, one series a month. So far we (and by we I mean I) did Great Teach Onizuka in September (with the movie and OV on October 1st due to a scheduling error on my part) and will be running Gokusen over October 8th and 22nd. I do wish I’d thought of this six months ago, but I was actually inspired during and by the preperation process. The ANUAS AGM was supposed to be tomorrow, but I have been browbeaten into moving it back to the 21st, largely because I completely forgot to check with anyone before calling it. In fact, that’s pretty much the entire root cause of the move. Once the ANUAS AGM is out of the way, I suspect my only official ANUAS executive position will be Video Ad Creator.

I’ve spent a little bit of time knock up video ads, two for and one for the GTO live action screenings. All done on Linux, with command line tools and The Gimp, except the picture-editing for the first “Recruit” video which was done using irfanview. The hardest part was getting them Internet-distributable, which meant finding either Creative-Commons non-NC or Gnu GFDL licensed-content (and you can’t mix these two!), although I fudged the music on the first version of the second ad, because it just seemed to fit the pictures so scarily well. Kinda like the whole “Dark Side Of The Moon is a co-incidental soundtrack to The Wizard Of Oz” thing. The GTO one on the other hand was done just out of Google images one night, so I haven’t put it up on the web for download. My current project involves teaching myself Blender3D, so I can produce a cooler ad. I’ve always wanted to get into 3D programming, and I finally completed the first step (putting Debian onto a 3d-enabled machine of decent speed).

I’m now running Debian when I can on my desktop box. The only things I use windows for now are Quickbooks (I’ve gotta get Quickbooks going in wine, I just haven’t bothered yet) and video games. I’ve got the machine using libpam-mount (with a couple of patches which I submitted to the Debian BTS) to mount directories from Keitarou. I migrated my email from Outlook onto my fileserver with IMAP, and now use mutt-ng for all my email, which is a big improvement. This also means I revoked my old @Pobox.Com PGP key and added the email address to my newer GPG key. I can sync my phone against Evolution, although I never fire up Evolution, and I can print using CUPs happily to my HP LaserJet 1200. The only other thing I can’t do on my desktop machine from Linux is wireless multiboot my Nintendo DS, and I’m working on that.

I decided it was time to spend some money, and I was intrigued by a talk at linux.conf.05 about GameBoy Advance programming, and had heard about recent developments letting people launch homebrew software wirelessly on the new Nintendo DS. So I gave in, and bought one. I played Mario64DS for a bit, and bought Another Code while in Melbourne, all the while getting involved in the DS Homebrew community. I played with my Prism54 wireless cards to get wireless multiboot going, and could get the DS to see my machine, but not boot from it. Eventually I got a hold of the rt2500-based card neccessary to use the only existing publically available wireless multiboot software (includes a custom driver for Windows) and found I could get further in the process, but not by much. I had some spare credit at Lik-Sang, so I got a GBA Movie Player v2, and with a bit of futzing about (which I’ll document here later) I can now load a homebrew rom onto the CF card I borrowed from Shane and the DS will run it. ^_^ So time to start actually programming again. I’ve still gotta get some more work done on the WMB process, but I’m waiting on driver developments in the Linux rt2x00 driver project, since right now they can’t transmit packets, at least in monitor mode, but progress is ongoing. I’ve been documenting the WMB stuff in my wiki.

One of the things that made this blog go quiet was the addition of a wiki to my site. Semi-static stuff (like the SOAP stuff below) is now going in the wiki, and I plan to migrate all the stuff from into the wiki. It’s just such a good platform for publishing stuff categorised, without having to code the HTML. I’m now over HTML coding the same way I’m over compiling my OS from scratch — I did this in 1998, before I’d discovered Gentoo or Debian and got as far as upgrading to the latest libc, gcc and whatever else was in the base Slackware ’96 install, when I discovered Debian, found a use for having a linux machine, and wiped it out in an afternoon in 2000.

Now that I’m back updating the blog, I’m going to have to see if I can make time to update all the old old old The Other Day’s Mew entries. (Mew’s got a new calendar coming, which I need someone to batch into an AmazonJP order for me at some point…) I was actually loading the Japanese text into my blog, but not publishing it because I was having trouble with the translations. This obviously is not a winning strategy. ^_^ Now I think about it, the other challenge to The Other Day’s Mew was I was updating from ActewAGL, where I didn’t have a dictionary handy, nor Japanese input support to use an online dictionary, and then they changed their firewall to block sites with ‘blog’ in the domain.

Which brings me full circle in this long rambling story. ^_^

安座間美優 2006年度 カレンダー