Debian: The Internet Operating System

I don’t know who coined that phrase, but I’m sure I’ve heard it before.

Unfortunately, when your development server is physically distinct from any kind of Internet connection, apt-get becomes more of a pain than a pleasure.

“apt-get –print-uris” helps, but you can’t feed it directly to wget. >_<

A USB memory stick loaned from a friend across the partition wall got me both the files I needed, and a nicely wasted hour playing with automounter and the usb_storage linux module. I wouldn't have played with automounter if I'd been trying to use the directory it was monitoring, instead of somewhere it wasn't monitoring… I guess I can't expect it to monitor the whole filesystem incase I expect the USB memory stick to show up at random places. ^_^

Now if only it wasn't so damn hot in here… It's nicely cold outside, and I foolishly wore a long-sleeved shirt-thing.


今日の思う事 : 2004年 8月 5日

Good news
I made it to two of my classes.
Bad news
I had six scheduled for today. Well, actually five and one was repeated. I missed both of that one
Something new
When I fall asleep in class (in the front row, no less) I keep writing, but my writing gets real small.

I’ve never missed the same class twice in one day before, that was a new and interesting experience.

I also need to use one of my 0.3mm Japanese-writing pens instead of one of my 0.8mm English-writing pens if I’m going to fall asleep, since I can’t write that small with an 0.8mm tip and still be able to read it later.