Fansubbing done good, timewasting done bad, and Japanese homework done

After last week’s triumphant return to IRC, I wandered back onto IM (ICQ, MSN, YIM) tonight. The only people online were Matt Duggan (who immediately proceeded to make my head hurt with math) and a friend of mine from Singapore, whom I met on IRC last year.

While I was on IRC, gumbaloom sent me his and Aniko’s latest Seramyu output, being the Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Promo and Fan Event, wanting feedback. Apparently it’s been downloaded a lot, but in the usual places no feedback, good or bad, has appeared. I’d like to take this opportunity to say that it was excellent, and I look forward to the finished product. (I already enjoyed Aniko’s translation of Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin in February at the MGC, but via a different fansubbing group). I watched another Seramyu, Last Drakul Jyokyoku, unsubtitled a year or so ago and it was OK, but it’s _much_ better with subtitles. I highly recommend this when it comes out, and in the meantime, see if you can dig up the CVME sub of KOK. Be warned, KOK is a retelling of Sailor Stars, so if you’ve not seen it (or read it ^_^) then you might want to finish it first. Which reminds me, I must finish it sometime. -_-;;;

I managed to get a little BU work done today, but skipped out on ActewAGL since I was disorganised this morning, and by the time I left home I would have had to leave work after 90 minutes. So I stayed home, did more BU work, and went in to class. (And was still late. >_<)

Ah! I’ve finally removed shift-space as a shortcut to activate UIM. Now I don’t flick into Japanese input mode every time I type a capital letter and then a space. (Yes, I have poor keyboard habits…)

Only class today was Teaching Languages, and today we looked at the idea that you can’t learn a language just by listening to it, you need to apply it to learn it. We also looked at the various stages of word order that language learners master. These are apparently absolutely ordered, which lends credence to the theory that languages are acquired in a certain order, and teaching cannot influence that. Tomorrow we get to watch a class being run based on that theory. (I’ll prolly talk about _that_ more tomorrow.)

Anyway, I’ve got a Japanese Lexicon assignment due tomorrow, and I just spent two hours doing it. I should have done it on the weekend, but I was seriously unassable for most of the weekend, apart from some time spent doing BU stuff. If there are any IPSec experts reading this, I’d love to know. I think I’ve gotten it conceptually wrong…

Still, at least my bag’s packed, my laptop’s loaded with MGC screening videos, and I’ve told the guy I’m meeting at ActewAGL in Fyshwick that I’ll be there by 9am or I’ll call. I think I’m gonna call, and get to uni by midday.

So, here’s some links for things you can buy. Today, it’s Seramyu. I’ll link in the MGC shows once I actually talk about them. ^_^ (And of course, it’s all Japanese. Like PGSM, there’s no official English version.)

2004 ウインタースペシャルミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーン 火球王妃降臨2004 サマースペシャルミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーン 新かぐや島伝説ミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーン メモリアルアルバム(13)~新かぐや島伝説~美少女戦士セーラームーン 新/変身・スーパー戦士への道

Last Drakul Jyokyoku may be that last one, but it looks like it’s out of print in VHS, and not yet in print on DVD. Oh well. I‘ve seen it.

Yay Mew!


Back, from outer space

Time to get back into updating this blog, I guess. It’s just that I’ve been so boring recently.

I’m back in ANU, taking Japanese Lexicon, Teaching Languages and Semantics. These classes all look interesting, and I’ve got the first Japanese Lexicon assignment to do over this weekend.

I handed in my Written Japanese D assignment at long last, and now once Ikeda-sensei has the time, I’ll finally get some closure on that unit. ^_^

Still working for ActewAGL, despite my best attempts to get away. I guess the disadvantage of job security through irreplacebility is irreplacebility. >_<

The anime convention is coming up, and I’m the Events Co-ordinator so that’s taking up a bit of time, but not too much at the moment.

I’ve been playing with some wiki software (PMWiki, the only one I could find that didn’t require anything not available on Debian/stable) but I haven’t actually got a good use for a wiki on Maybe when I get back to the Winny reverse-engineering project or something.

I picked up PGSM Volume 12 from DHL today, so now I’ve only got the one DVD to go. It’s gonna be weird to not have $140 disappear from my credit card every month… And I’m still praying for a second series, some more OAV things, or a personal visit from Azama Mew. Of course, I still haven’t watched Special Act yet. Nor the live action version of Great Teach Onizuka… Or the rest of Excel Saga. Or Poemy. Or… wow. My DVD collection is largely still in shrink-wrap. ^_^

OK, so I haven’t actually been that boring. A friend of mine pointed out to me recently that having too much on one’s plate is better than being bored, but I fear that may actually have been my own words being repeated back to me. (Hello, if you’re reading this! I promise I’ll update more often. ^_^)

美少女戦士セーラームーン VOL.12

If it's not one thing, it's another…

Well, I got my Internet up, but now my domains are being screwed with. >_<

Anyway, this posting is mainly because I’ve just had a fascinating (enlightening, frustrating) discussion with Io on IRC about the status of -tai forms of verbs. I held that they are adjectives, and Io holds that they are verbs… I’ll let Io make her own argument, in fact. Which is the point of this post.

We also diverged quite strongly into the relationship between meaning and syntax, (an area in which I am much less surefooted) and I expect that too will prove a lively debate here.

(And of course, here I am reminded of my Pre-Honours assignment to monitor a mailing list for a month. Better go subscribe to something…)

Happy to hear comments from anyone else, too. I’ll present the best piece of evidence I could come up with for my position. Don’t worry, it’s short.

(Adjective) (1)
A: はなこが美しい。
B: めいこもそうだ。 (Constrasted to *B:めいこもそうする。)

(Verb) (2)
A: はなこがお菓子を食べる。
B: めいこもそうする。 (Contrasted to *B: めいこもそうだ。)

(Here, we can easily see that you can only use そうする cannot refer to a adjective, and そうだ cannot refer to a verb. そう itself appears to be a -する verb to me here.)

Those two examples were from Masayuki Ohkado (1991), “On the status of adjectival nouns in japanese.”. The constrast in (1) is my own, for thoroughness.

My argument here is that from the following:
(-たい form) (3)
A: はなこがお菓子を食べたい。
This is possible:
B: めいこもそうだ。
But this is not:
*B: めいこもそうする。
Which implies that the -たい form is an adjective like in (1) above, not a verb like (2) above.

(My example here glosses over the other effects the -たい form has, such as not being directly applicable like that to the third person.)

I could happily extend my argument here to the -ない form of a verb, as follows:
(-ない form) (4)
A: はなこがお菓子を食べない。
But I don’t know off hand which of these is good and which is bad, and which hold the same meanings and which the opposite meaning. ^_^
B: めいこもそうだ。(4-1)
B: めいこもそうじゃない。(4-2)
B: めいこもそうする。(4-3)
B: めいこもそうしない。(4-4)

For my argument to hold, then 4-1 would be correct, 4-3 wrong, and 4-2 and 4-4 ungrammatical irresepective of what came before.

Any native Japanese speakers reading this blog, and want to help out? ^_^;;

And to think this all started with the innocent question “How do I apply -saseru form to -tai?” (I answered that you can’t, -tai is an adjective. This is what I love about IRC. ^_^)

Long time, no sea, said the retired naval captain

Blah. Busy week. >_<

Had to withdraw from Project Yuka (and that’s the only mention it’ll get here for the moment) and that’s a real disappointment.

Am behind on my Uni stuff but catching up.

Watched PGSM Act.44.

Oh yeah, Anna is back in town briefly, had dinner with her last night. Indian (Flavours Of India) and that was really tasty. She’s well, in case you’re wondering. ^_^

Umm. Yeah, that’s about it.

Oh, I bought new jeans. I think stetchy denim is the weirdest thing I’ve ever worn…. But it’s comfortable. ^_^

I promise more frequent updates, but I don’t think I’ll manage “The good, the bad and the educational” daily… I’ll put up Japanese and/or Linguistics stuff instead, as it comes to mind.

今日の思う事: 2004年 8月 10日


Good news
The server seems stable. ^_^
Bad news
The tutorial to make up for the tutorial I missed on Monday, turns out to be during one of my two remaining lectures this week. (And the other lecture is for the same class, so a clash is unlikely)
Something new
Work expands to fill the available time. And the unavailable time. >_<

I don’t think this needs much explanation. Suffice it to say, I didn’t do this last-night ’cause I got home and was dozing off on the couch within half an hour…. This is at 11:30pm, which is unusual for me. -_-,zZ

今日の思う事: 2004年 8月 9日

Good news
Washed the dishes. Yes, this is news.
Bad news
Managed to sleep in and miss my classes again.
Something new
There are disadvantages to a DVD’s soft subtitles.

Actually, I only missed one class. If I’d hurried, and skipped breakfast and a shower, I could have made the second one. However, it is a tutorial which I’ll make up later this week. Hardly seems worth missing breakfast and being smelly just for one class.

Despite therefore having all afternoon (or at least most of it) available to me, I didn’t do the dishes until The Simpsons came on. Happily, it took less than 90 minutes, since there wasn’t much in there that needed heavy scrubbing. Although my curry saucepan’s looking the worse for wear.

As a reward (and to get me in a settled mood as I have to be at work at 7:30am tomorrow >_%lt;) I finally watched The Godfather Part I on DVD. All was going fine until my terrible sin of skipping the menus punished me by having no subtitles during the Italian-speaking segment in the middle. A bit of skipping around and hitting the ‘Subtitle’ button on the remote eventually yielded a setting where only the Italian was subtitled, not the English. There didn’t seem to be any subtitles for the earlier Italian-speaking scene, which reinforced my feeling that only certain key parts of the dialog in Italian were being translated, and the rest was left to the viewer’s imagination. That was a nice touch.

A less nice touch was that I forgot to check the running length on the DVD cover first, and my plans for an early night were ruined by the movie being 3 hours long, plus a half-hour break in the middle. That plus various going-to-bed delays indicates that I proably should have watched El Mariachi instead.

Still, at least tomorrow’s MGC night. And only one class to go to. But then there’s two jobs in the morning, and I’ll be very very tired by the evening, I’m sure.