A Revolution Resolution

I’m not where I want to be, by several measures.

I can’t revolutionise the world without revolutionising myself.

It’s time to start and commit to some self-improvement projects. These will all be boring reading, but public posting will hopefully provide accountability, where self-motivation has failed me.

So before we get to the boring bit, please enjoy a Revolutionary Girl Utena AMV set to an MLP: Equestria Girls song, to go with the post image of a canon MLP: FiM form of Utena.

Revolutionise my world

Moving to Japan. My goal is for this to be approx. October 2022.

I’ve been making noise about this for a while, and it turns out, just making noise doesn’t get much done.

This leads into several sub-projects to prepare for this, listed below. I’ll add further sub-projects as I start (or remember them). The live list lives in the sticky post at the top of the blog, I won’t update this list.

Deadlines are motivating, right?

For me, it turns out the answer is “yes”. Every successful effort (weight loss, language studies, etc) has had a clear deadline, even though the goal was “as much as possible before event X”.

Abandoned and On-Hold Projects

NOTE: I have a ton of such projects, I’ll update this list as I think of them. I’m not sure if maybe this should be a blog post category as well?

Moving back to Vietnam for a year or two: This was my plan for December 2019, before work-related concerns introduced a few-month deferral and then CoVID-19 extended March 2020 indefinitely. Although my main family contact in Vietnam has moved to Australia now, Vietnam remains a destination for visiting friends while holidaying, and Revolutionise my world will make this a much cheaper option, as I know for example I can get tickets from Osaka to Hanoi for the same price-range as Sydney to Melbourne.

Resume Vietnamese studies: This was supposed to be part of the Vietnam move, as finding Vietnamese courses in Sydney has not been fruitful for me, particularly when I want to keep learning the Hanoi accent, and most speakers and courses for foreigners focus on the Saigon accent. Since I have some Vietnamese friends in Japan, I might be able to get some recommendations and resume this in Japan later, but I suspect right now it would conflict with Revolutionise my mouth.

Ship a game: This has been my long-term goal since my last game shipped in 2008 (to critical and commercial failure), and after a decade, my every effort to get back into that track of my career has failed. There’s probably several good reasons for this, but the main one has been I’ve been too limited in my scope for how I get there, and too willing to follow “but we really want you over there”. There’ll be more on this as background in Revolutionise my day-to-day.

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