Project 7000: January 1st 2022

Extra meals0kj
Cheat meals (@5000kj)0kj
Days elapsed (@7000kj)0kj
Cumulative totals

Days until next shop: 7 (📅 January 8th 2022) with 2537kj carry-over.

Photos and reflections (and a photo of a reflection) after the fold.

51537kj, this has to last me a week.

Reflecting on that pile, I have seven main meals (pies, pore-mades, large salad), plus cereal, deserts, and vegetables. It won’t actually be eaten that way though, I expect.

I’ve got a few staples here, things I’ve worked with before: Pies and frozen veggies have been my previous freezer-fillers in the past, and I like boiled eggs. The eggs are both use-by tomorrow, so I suspect that’ll be breakfast both days.

The Pana choc-chip ice cream is recently-tested; it was also the last thing I had left in my “clean out my fridge” day yesterday; so I’ll probably save that for a mood-lifter later in the week.

There’s a couple of experiments too. The big one is the milk and cereal. The main risk in that is simply the ratio of milk to cereal. This may end up being part of the carry-over into next shop, but I don’t yet know which way. I also only own one bowl, and it’s big.

I’m also trying a few pre-made higer-protein meals. I think I’ve had the beef ragu before, and I’ve definitely had other meals from Fitness Outcomes, but the Soulara dishes are new to me.

I didn’t really have a careful plan for this shop. I had a loose plan of getting All-Bran to try and boost my fibre levels, and then the big “High Protein” on the Special K leapt out at me.

I was hoping to find a particular dairy-free potato salad my sister found in Melbourne over Christmas, but my local Woolworths didn’t have it. I also planned to try and find frozen edamame, but completely forgot while I was out shopping. I’ve not had any luck previously at Woolworths; Coles nearby used to carry it, but not last time I looked.

Anyway, to inaugurate the start of the project, I took a “before” photo. I don’t plan to do this every shop, but maybe every four to six weeks or so.

140kg, and my bathroom mirror needs cleaning.

I’m certainly not at my worst, but I’m at about 90% of my worst. By that, I mean a work photo of me at about 156kg from 2007 or so. I don’t have a copy of it myself, but it shows up every so often, e.g., 15-year anniversary slide-deck, and reminds me what a blob I was.

I do need to grab a copy and compare, because I reckon my head was a lot rounder then, which doesn’t make sense to me… But memory is a tricky thing.

Conversely, my default avatar is from when I was at my best, or very close to; under 110kg and wearing a brand new suit. I should try and find the full-size version of that photo, as all I have at-hand is the the avatar head-shot.

Anyway, enough of looking at the food, and talking about the food. It’s time to eat the food.

2 thoughts on “Project 7000: January 1st 2022

    1. It’s weird, but doing this seems to make me eat less than if I manage the food day-by-day; I think because I can save stuff for later if I’m not feeling like it right now, where as with a daily target, there’s a bit of FOMO for eating something tasty.


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