Project 7000: January 15th 2022

Shopping118,987kj (+26,070kj)
Extra meals0kj
Cheat meals (@5000kj)5000kj (+5000kj)
Days elapsed (@7000kj)98,000kj (+49,000kj)
Remaining25,987kj (-17,930kj)
Cumulative totals

Days until next shop: 3 (📅 January 18th 2022) with 4987kj carry-over.

Photos and reflections after the fold.

I didn’t feel like shopping on Friday, so I had take-away for dinner on Thursday. I actually wanted to get a giant ramen from a particular place in the city. But by the time I got there, after a small shopping trip, they had closed, so I got a dry noodle hot pot on the way home instead.

It was a bit sad walking through Chinatown on a Thursday evening, and seeing a lot of places closed. I don’t know if it’s a foot-traffic drop-off, or the pandemic put them out of business, but either way, it’s the first time I’ve been down Dixon street in an evening for a while (years?) and the difference was remarkable.

Anyway, that pushed my shopping trip back to Saturday, but I realised I had a bunch of other bulky items to buy as well, so I filled my bags with only do a half-week’s food shopping.

On the plus side, I’m quite enjoying cereal for breakfast at the moment, so I have enough there to last until the next shopping trip. I’m not sure yet if I’ll just buy twice as much cereal in my weekly shops, continue with half-weekly shops, or not actually eat cereal every day after all.

Eating less cereal in one hit is an option, but not one that particularly excites me. Even though I’m eating about 4.5 “servings” at a time this way; it looks like a good amount in my bowl, and leaves me feeling full for a good while.

I was hoping to find the seaweed wraps for sushi, as I found some very low-calorie dairy free dips in the supermarket, but they were sold out. Supply chain issues due to the pandemic also meant that instead of the almond & coconut milk I have been getting, I had to go with almond-only milk. I just had it on cereal, and it wasn’t a huge difference, so now I have that as an option.

This time I remembered to buy eggs. I also decided to try some “high-protein” microwave soups; I had been considering an entirely pre-packaged microwave-meal week (not counting cereal) so this is kind-of a trial run for that. Konbini-life!

I had a brief, informal weigh-in, and I’ve lost around 1kg in two weeks, which is slower than I’d hoped, but at least moving in the right direction. Compared to my starting weigh-in, it’s not the same time of day, nor the same meal-state, so it’s probably not an accurate measure of speed. It’s enough that I’ll wait to do a formal weigh-in around the end of the month, and worry about making adjustments to the plan then.

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