Project 7000: February 16th 2022

Shopping307,452kj (+12,778kj)
Extra meals0kj
Cheat meals (@5000kj)30,000kj (+20,000kj)
Days elapsed (@7000kj)322,000kj (+56,000kj)
Cumulative totals

Days until next shop: 2 (📅 February 18th 2022) with 1,452kj carry-over.

Photos and reflections after the fold.

This was a disrupted week, which is why I didn’t go shopping on the 13th as planned. I had a visit from family, and we went out for lunch (first picture) and they also left me a bunch of frozen food (second and third pictures).

So per the terms of Project 7000, I’m calling the second and third pictures 5000kj each.

12.7MJ, the bare essentials. Those “icy stix” are an absolute winner in their pleasure/kj ratio.

Hence, a very small shopping trip, as I was unsure where I stood with my food balance. Also, it was 9am in the morning, and I was not really in the mood for shopping existing.

As it turns out, I didn’t need to worry, as the cheat meals had matched up nicely with my delay in shopping. I still have a few more serves in the freezer, so I suspect I’ll be stretching my next shopping trip out a few more days, and I really don’t want to go shopping again so soon.

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