Project 7000: January 1st 2022

Extra meals0kj
Cheat meals (@5000kj)0kj
Days elapsed (@7000kj)0kj
Cumulative totals

Days until next shop: 7 (📅 January 8th 2022) with 2537kj carry-over.

Photos and reflections (and a photo of a reflection) after the fold.

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Project 7000

Since 2007, when it started mattering, I’ve been through various weight-loss successes and failures. From that, I have gleaned the following aspects of a successful weight-loss program for myself:

  • Calorie limitation is all that matters; exercise has no particular effect on weight.
  • Minimum plan-length is a single day, but longer is better.
  • Food in my possession will get eaten; generally a whole packet at a time.
  • My cooking skills are quite limited; the only three recipe options are “put it in the oven”, “put it in the sandwich press at work”, or “mix it together and put it all in the slow-cooker”. I might buy a fry-pan to add a fourth option, but cooking oil adds a complication here I’m hoping to avoid.
  • The food rules must be flexible; if they are too specific, supply-chain issues will tank the diet, and I will flail around for emergency substitutes poorly.
  • Weigh-ins, measurement, and goal-setting are counter-productive; when I’m this far from my desired weight, every measurement is depressing, even if the trend is good.

Based on the above, and on a previous weight-maintenance regime I used, I get:

Project 7000 Rules

  • Calorie intake of 7000kj per day, on average. (Yes, I recognise that I’m measuring “calorie intake” in kilojoules.)
  • Average is maintained by shopping days: For every 7000kj of food bought, the next food shop is a day later.
    • The rough target is a week’s food at a time, but this isn’t a fixed rule.
    • If I don’t get through all the bought food, I may delay the shopping, but this isn’t a requirement.
  • An external meal with a calorie count, or other intrusive calorie count, pushes back the next shopping trip as if it was part of the last shop.
    • A meal with no measurement, is counted as 5000kj, because I have no self-control sense of scale. This also covers social drinks, which are either with unmeasured nibbles, or end up with a HSP afterwards, because I have no self-control.
  • Not measured: Sugar-free energy drinks and similar. I need the caffeine and hydration more than I need to think about this extra 200kj. And they’re bulky, so cannot reasonably be bought in the same shopping cycle as the rest of the project anyway.
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A Revolution Resolution

I’m not where I want to be, by several measures.

I can’t revolutionise the world without revolutionising myself.

It’s time to start and commit to some self-improvement projects. These will all be boring reading, but public posting will hopefully provide accountability, where self-motivation has failed me.

So before we get to the boring bit, please enjoy a Revolutionary Girl Utena AMV set to an MLP: Equestria Girls song, to go with the post image of a canon MLP: FiM form of Utena.

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Resetting My Blog

My old blog (at this location) had gone without posting for 2.5 years. That was not the problem.

My old blog had content that was either out-of-date, or had not aged well, or was merely me talking to myself. That was not the problem.

My old blog was rooted in my interests in the late 2000’s: Linux, Linguistics, and Losing Weight. That was not the problem.

The problem is I don’t know what to do with a blog.

So I’m parking this here for now. I am assuming it’ll be long-form writing, as a complement/contrast to Twitter, if I come across something that I feel will be valuable to write about. I’m not prolific on Twitter either.

No idea what topics will be yet. Given my new blog title and subtitle, it’ll have to be world-changing.